One Month To Go!

Hey Guys!!! I don't have tons of time but BIG NEWS! This week we got our investigator Mark on date for baptism! It was so exciting! We have been seeing sooo many miracles recently! It is insane!!! 

Also, this week we found out that a new batch of little baby birds have been born on our balcony! they are so tiny and way ugly right now but they will get cute soon enough! 

We were able to start teaching a couple of new people which was exciting!! Our service that we do is so much fun!!! Thrift shops are awesome! 

but the best part of the week was going down to Pueblo for Jo's baptism! it was amazing!!! Jo is a lady that I taught with Sister Price in Pueblo and she was just now baptized! It was an insanely spiritual experience for everyone in attendance:) Seeing Sister Price was the greatest thing ever! I love that best friend of mine!!!! So yea, great great week!! 

I want to just tell you all how much I love this work and how much I love my Savior! This work can be hard sometimes but it is so rewarding! I am so happy that I get to be a part of it! I have changed, I can feel it and I have such a clear view of who Christ really is to us! 

I wish Michael all the luck in the world on his mission! I know he will be an incredible Elder! I love you all! Make sure to video him leaving to the Dominican Republic! I love you all so much!!! You are all in my prayers! 

xoxox - Abs


Hey Everyone! I am so proud of my little brother for his decision to serve! And I am so glad that he is safely in DR! You're gonna kill it Mike!! 3 weeks and you'll be on to Trinidad and Tabago!!! Yay!! 

Okay so our ward fast is still going strong! It has been a really cool experience to see everyone coming together to work hard and fast and pray for missionary opportunities! 

This week I decided that I wanted to start a repentance journal that I take with me to sacrament meeting! It was a success! So I began the journal by studying repentance and the sacrament and how it provides a way for us to have power to improve. Then, on Sunday, during the sacrament, I wrote down all of the things that I want to improve on and things that I have fallen short on during the week.. I plan on then looking back next week and seeing how I did wth my improvement.. I will then set new goals and strive to improve. It was so powerful and I felt such a wonderful spirit during the meeting. 

Often times I feel so weighed down on Sundays because they are so stressful trying to be happy for everyone and make sure that everyone knows where they are going and that no one is offended... etc. But this really helped me to focus on me for a moment and it was so wonderful! 

I am so grateful for a loving heavenly father and for a loving savior who help me to improve!!! 

The gospel is true! I know it!

I love you all! Talk to you soon!! 



hey everyone!!! So this week we found out that our apartment is infested with bird mites which are little bugs the size of black pepper that live off our birds on our balcony.... so we had to get rid of the nest and spray and wash everything including our clothes.. it was such a pain.... 

This was also the week where everyone seemed to cancel on us.... I hate weeks like this.. But it will get better I am sure! We are excited for next week! That's for sure! 

We had a really awesome experience this week while tracting! We met a sweet woman who had a little girl with the most adorable eyes and she was so cute and outgoing! She was only 3 but so grownup and adorable! We talked with them and they accepted a Book of Mormon and also invited us back! Too bad it was in the Elders area... But the Spirit was so strong as we bore testimony to her! She is a choice daughter of God.. I could feel it! He has a work for her to do! Also while tracting we met a man who went to the Book of Mormon musical in Denver and he was so nice to us about our religion!! he said that he is very interested to learn more! It was just so awesome to actually find people in monument that were open!!! MIRACLES! 

Also this week we had an amazing experience with a woman who is struggling with her testimony! We invited her to pray at the end of our lesson and to pretend like we weren't there and that she was talking directly to her Savior. She did and offered up the most heartfelt prayer I have ever heard! She cried and we cried as she prayed for each of her children and a desire to know the truth! It was amazing!!!! She had not prayed that fervently in years and it was powerful! It made me want to have more meaningful prayers!!! 

I am so grateful for my mission! Even though it is so hard at times I know that I am growing and changing! That is what is important! God is molding me into who he knows I need to become!! I can't wait to become that woman someday! 

I love you all so much!! Have a great week! 




Hi everyone!!!! 

So this week we put another investigator on date for baptism! His name is Mark too! He is awesome! So we now have 2 Marks on date!!! 

We used the story of the Brother of Jared to help his find an answer from God! It was incredible! The spirit was so strong and he opened up a lot after we read through Ether 2-3 with him and his wife! 

This week we also saw miracles tracting!! We were down walking around the Springs trying to find people for the YSA missionaries and we ran into these two nice boys around the ages of 19.. they were so nice to talk to us! One of them wasn't very interested but the other one was so sweet and genuine and was truly wanted to hear our message! I could see that his heart was being softened and we are hoping that he will give the YSA Elders a call! 

As I was studying this week, I realized that God has been giving me revelation throughout my mission about who I need to become and what he wants me to do with my life! Everything is just becoming so clear and I feel like I am truly being guided by his loving hand! My point is that God is still giving each of us our own personal revelation! He is aware of his children and he wants them to succeed! I love my Heavenly Father and I love speaking with him daily through prayer! 

I love you all! I know the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and that Christ Lives! 

Have a wonderful week! 




Oh man fam.. I will miss this zone so much! I have truly been spoiled here with blessings and wonderful experiences that I will miss dearly. 

This week we taught quite a few people including our two people on date for baptism, and we also were able to begin teaching some new less-actives. 

There was one lady who we felt prompted to stop by and so we did and we just got to know her for a while, then we shared a message and she began to cry and open up! She told us that it was exactly what she needed and that she wants us to come back to teach her kids and husband who is not a member! The spirit was definitely guiding us!!! 

So sorry this email is short... but it has been a crazy day! 

I will add some pics at the end for ya! I love you all! And I can't wait to tell you all about my new area after transfers tomorrow!!!!!!! I love you so much! Christ lives! This is his gospel! And I am thrilled to be sharing it with others! 




Hey Fam! 

Well, here is a run down of my week.. so Tuesday, we went tracting for about an hour.. We didn't see success for the first 20 houses or so and almost turned back to our car because we were running out of time.. but finally we decided to knock on 3 more doors. No one answered on the first two, but at the final door on the street, we met Ron! He was so interested and allowed us to share a scripture with him! I flipped to Moroni 10: 3-4 and shared Moronis promise then bore testimony of personal revelation! He accepted a copy and asked us to come back again next week!!! DILIGENT TRACTING!!! 

Wednesday was great! we had a great lesson with our investigator Ivy and her LA boyfriend Charlie!! Awesome couple! Ivy has lots and lots of chickens! Like 15 or something!! And I got to hold one! I will send pics! They have little lace diapers on them! Hahah they look kinda like skirts and they're so funny! So anyways, we taught them about eternal families and marriage! We also read the family proclamation! They don't really want to get married yet because of the government.. I don't really get it.. we also visited a sweet lady named Sister Engler! She is working on going to the temple! We read about Christ walking on the water and Peter joining him.. We talked about how sometimes it's scary to "leave the boat" and follow Christ, but as we keep our eyes on Him, we can do great things! Wednesday we also went to a campfire with all the youth in the ward and it was so fun to get to know them!! So fun!!! This ward is amazing! 

Thursday! BEST DAY EVER! On Thursday morning, Sister Horton from Pueblo, drove me and Sister Price X2 haha, up to the temple to go through an endowment session with Vanessa and Sister Howells, two ladies that we taught in Pueblo! Let me tell you, they're amazing women!!! They have absolutely changed my life forever and I am so grateful to them! Our experience in the temple with them was heavenly! After the temple with the ladies, we all went out to lunch at a restaurant called Newk's! It was soo yummy! BEST DAY EVER! 

On Friday we had district council in the Broadmoor building which brought back some major memories! I loved it! Friday was also cool cause we got two new, miracle investigators!!! The first one is Chantel! She lives in our building:) about 3 weeks ago, when I was still serving in North, we came down to these apartments down here to help the YSA elders do a blitz. We tracted into Chantel then, and she was GOLDEN!! Then when I got transferred here we decided to stop by her again! She was thrilled to see sisters again and we set up a time to come back and teach her the lessons!! The other miracle investigator is Kaeleb! He is friends with a kid named Eoin in our ward! He really wants to start taking the lessons and he already received a lesson by the Oakwood sisters at a seminary thing! Then they passed him to us! Such a miracle!!! We are so excited! The Lord is SO GOOD!! 

Ok, I want to tell you how amazing my companion is! Sister Thorpe is an angel! I adore her! I have learned more about mini-cooper Pac man, ninjago, anime, and adult cartoons in this past week than I have my entire life;) she is so fun to be around and she is so kind to others! I admire her so much. Also, she totally has the "greenie" fire so I am pumped for my final 7 weeks! I really need a boost! I am so happy and grateful for my companion and the beautiful area of the Lord's vineyard that we have been given to work in! 

Saturday, we helped the Broadmoor missionaries blitz! We only tracted about 4 houses but we gave away two BofMs and got two new solid potentials for them!! One of them was a really nice guy, maybe mid twenties. His name was Bobby! We sat on his porch with him for like 45 minutes and discussed religion! He was so respectful and accepted an invitation to take the lessons! The other guy was so nice as well! He said he has a lot of latter-day saint friends:) so connected to a member!! Yay! The rest of Saturday we had to finish weekly planning and then we did lots of stop bys and went through the massive part member family list:) 

Sunday!!! Work of Salvation Fireside baby!!! Also, my first Sunday in Palmer Park! Such a good day!! The fireside was AMAZING! Chance Strain spoke, my convert from Broadmoor. It was so powerful! That man will be a bishop someday! 

So amazing week! I love being a missionary!!!! 

I want you all to know that I have a testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ! I know that he lives! He is changing the lives and hearts of the people here in Colorado and I know that he is definitely changing my heart as well! 

Have a wonderful week! I love you all so much! 

xoxo -Abby


Hey Fam!!!! 

Wow, this week went by fast! But... literally this was the week where everyone cancelled.. We had ELEVEN lessons cancel on us:( it was so rough. Haha.. but there were still miracles!! Miracles never cease:)

Friday was THE BEST DAY EVER!! We had district council and then lunch at red robin! Afterwards we did a district blitz!! we only had about 30 minutes for a blitz but we decided to take it, we started tracting the Wildridge apartments in Cheyenne Meadows area and we had all 5 of the companionships in our district present:) we prayed and set goals together to give out 1 Book of Mormon per companionship and to find 2 new investigators! Well, the Lord showed us some miracles instead.. I want tracting with Sister McQuarrie and we headed down a sidewalk towards some doors. And as we came to our very first door, we met Tracy! It was incredible! She actually bore her testimony to us as we stood on her doorstep about all of the amazing blessings that the Lord has given to her! She shared about 3 or 4 experiences that she has had within the last few months where the Lord blessed her immensely and I want to share one of them with you! So she said she was all alone a few weeks ago, looking through an outdoor furniture catalogue and an outdoor bench caught her eye. She said to herself, "hmm, maybe next summer when we have some more money it would be nice to get this for our back porch." After that thought, she never returned again to that catalogue and she never told anyone that she liked the bench. She said it wasn't a "need" and simply just a "want". 3 days later, the EXACT bench in the EXACT color that she had loved, showed up on her doorstep. No shipping address, no return address. Nothing. Completely blank. She told us that it was a sweet tender mercy from God, just letting her know that he is aware of her! We talked with her for 30 minutes, gave her a Book of Mormon and set a return appointment with her! It was such a miracle!! But it gets better, when we came back together to review our success, each one of the 5 companionships had placed a Book of Mormon and each one of us had found a solid new investigator! 5 New investigators in 30 minutes!!! What a miracle!!!! How wonderful is the Lord??? He is so amazing and I just feel so happy that I have been given the opportunity to be the instrument in his hands! 

Conference was Historic! I loved every moment of it and hung onto every word that each of the apostles said! I am so grateful to be on the earth during this time!! 

Well have another wonderful week!!! I love you all so much! Know that I have a testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ and I am determined to become the woman that he needs me to be! 




Hello! This week was awesome!!!! 

It was full of service, lessons, tracting and stop bys. Here is one cool experience that we had:) so bishop gave us an address to stop by, he told us that there was a woman who lived there that met with missionaries and almost got baptized but didn't.. so he wanted us to go back and see if she was still there. She wasn't.. so we started tracting around her house. We tracted to the final door of the street and a woman named Macy came to the door! She instantly said, "hi sisters!" Macy grew up an active member but married a non-member of the church. She said that she has been wanting to get back!! Her name wasn't on our records so it was truly a miracle that we found her! So amazing!! And she is so sweet:) she has a little girl and is pregnant with a second baby!! Also, her husband is a potential investigator so that's exciting! 

Another cool experience that I had was on Saturday... So we pulled up to the curb outside our apartment after going to a baptism for the Spanish branch, and as we pulled up, I noticed a black man walking down the street with an arm full of groceries. Just behind him walked two little girls, 5 years old, with beautiful dark skin and black, curly hair! They each carried a little sack as well! I got out of the car, and instantly both little girls waved to me with big huge smiles on their faces. They were on the other side of the street so I waved back to each of them and turned to follow Sister Thorpe inside. But then the Spirit whispered to me saying that those little girls need the gospel! I hesitated and then the thought came that if I don't run after them now, I'll never see them again and they'll never know the truth! So I yelled to Sister Thorpe to follow me and I ran across Van Buren. Hahaha like literally ran The little family had already turned the corner by the time I got there and so I hurried to catch them. I turned the corner and yelled, "hey wait!" The man stopped and I walked up to them! The two little girls ran to me and each hugged one of my legs. They were adorable!! I introduced myself and the man instantly knew who I was. He declined my invitation to learn more and they walked away.. but as they did, those two little girls looked back at me and the spirit told me that they would remember this moment and one day, they would join the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints! 

It was seriously the coolest experience! Not because I saw success, but because I was more bold than ever before and I felt the Spirit so strong! I want to live everyday like that! I hope and pray that those little girls remember little ole Sister Morgan chasing them down to share the gospel with them! Haha 

So yea, a great week! and I am looking forward to these final 5! Time is almost out:( it is coming so dang fast. I am stoked to see all of you though!!!! I love you all and hope that your week is amazing! 

Also, I just gotta say that since I have been reading 3 chapters of the Book of Mormon each day for President Nelson's challenge, my testimony of the Book of Mormon has sky rocketed! I love this gospel and I know with out a doubt that it is true! 

I love you all!!


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Summer Updates


Hi Everyone! It is soooo hot! It has been above 96 degrees ALL WEEK! So HOT! 

So this week we had a meeting with about half the mission up in the Springs which was long but it is always really fun to see the people I love! So many missionaries there! And we were given the gift of a BRAND NEW TOYOTA COROLLA! It is a BEAUT! I drove away with it having 18 miles on the odo! How cool is that! It is so fun!! That night, when we got home, we sat on a blanket in our yard on the grass and read the "infinite atonement" together. Such a good book! You should all read it! Then some members brought us Pizza and it felt like heaven! Studies and pizza picnic! 

The other major thing that happened this week was when we spent the whole day planning Julia's baptism and then got home to find out that Julia had called... We called her back and she asked us if we could push it back a week because her husband and son were sick.. it was kinda sad but we were able to reschedule it all after a couple hours of phone calls. We are just glad that she will still be getting baptized! She will officially be baptized on the 23rd now instead of the 16th! 

I am so grateful for this amazing work! i love it so much! Also, attached is a fun video for ya cause if you didn't know.. Sis Price and I are secretly 007! 

Have a great week! i love you all! 



Hi Everyone! I hope you had a fun Father's day! I missed you a lot!!! 

I pretty much just want to talk about the mission tour! It was amazing! We had Elder and Sister Martinez here! Such an amazing couple! I was able to have an interview with Elder Martinez and it was powerful! He asked me about each of you and especially asked questions about Mom! I told him that Mom is perfect and that I long to be like her! At the end, he asked me to write a letter to my family and bring it to him the following day so that he could hand deliver it to you all when they get back to Salt Lake! There are so many perks of living in Utah, let me tell ya! He was so sincere and kind and told me everything that I needed to hear! Such a spiritual giant! 

He talked a lot about obedience in his lessons to the missionaries and something that he said really hit me. He said that there is a difference between perfect obedience and exact obedience. It is impossible to be perfect on this earth but we can be exact. When we were exactly obedient it means that we are never openly disobeying and we are trying our best! He said that exact obedience doesn't mean that we never make mistakes but that we know how to repent and improve! I loved that cause I sometimes get so down on myself when I feel like I am not doing good enough.. I know though that as long as each one of us is trying to be obedient in all that we do and we are repenting for our shortcomings. that is good enough for the Lord. We are here to make mistakes and then to learn from them, it is part of life! 

This p-day we went to the Pueblo Zoo with the Alvey family! It was a blast! I will add pics and videos of it!! I hope you like them! We had so much fun! 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!! 



Hey Everyone! 

So this week, Julia was baptized! It was so amazing! She was glowing! It was such a happy day! Afterwards we drove up to the Springs and went to Sarah's baptism.. It was so amazing! I taught Sarah and her family a year ago and she is the last one to be baptized! She is Eliana and Isaac's mom!!! Donovan, the dad, baptized her and it was so amazing! I was crying my eyes out! So yes! Two baptism in one week = happy Sister Morgan! 

I am so happy to be a missionary! I have realized this week that this time is so short and I feel so grateful for every second that I have to teach and serve and love. 

This week was also Sister Price's Birthday!!!! So I made her Swig Cookies and we had a little breakfast that morning with the members that we live with! That night, we slept in a tent in the backyard!!! Brother Jensen set it up for us and it was so fun! It felt like we were camping!!! SOOO FUN! I just love Sister Price! She is seriously my best friend! I am so lucky to have her! 

Here are some fun pics for ya!

I love you all so much!!!!!! Have an amazing week! 


Hi Fam! 

I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED AND I WILL BE FLUSH TRAINING!!!! So I am leaving tomorrow morning and heading for the Springs once more! I will be serving in North CS in the Jackson Creek and High Forest areas! 

I am so excited/nervous to meet my new girl! It will be so fun to train again but also hard cause there are now so many changes to the training program.. 

Sister Price and I have been way sad this week though cause we literally are BEST FRIENDS. I am not kidding.. I will be close with her FOREVER! We have laughed so hard this week and also cried so hard! I will miss her so much!! 

We have been busy this week with lots of lessons and packing and stuff. The hardest part of this week for me was saying goodbye to the people of Pueblo who I love so much! The Jensen's goodbye was soooo hard! I love them so much and will miss them dearly. I cried so hard! 

This week we also got to do some family history work with the ladies that we are helping work towards receiving their endowments! I can't wait for them to go to the temple! They will love it so much! 

Another fav moment this week was when Vanessa took us to lunch! She wanted to say thanks to us for teaching her so she took us to a fancy place in downtown Pueblo called Table 67 that is right on the Riverwalk! It was so good! I ordered the Monte Cristo sandwich and it was to die for!!!!! Ah! So good! Then we got ice cream at Hopscotch bakery! YUM! I can't wait to bring you all to Pueblo and all throughout my mission so that you can see where I have been serving for the past 13 months! 

Oh that is another thing... I hit 13 months this week! YAY! Time is flying soooo fast! I never realized how fast months go until I came on a mission! 

I love you all! I hope you have a great week! Sorry this email was short but I want to spend as much time with Sister Price as I can!!! 

Love you



Hey everybody! 

What a week! So on Tuesday we had transfers and they lasted ALL DAY... My new trainee is Sister Weber! She is from Connecticut and is so fun! She is shorter than me and is half Italian! SO she makes way good food! We drove to our new area that night and got lost but finally pulled into our new apartment! BRAND NEW AND GORGEOUS! Like seriously soooo nice! WOW! I was blown away! Everything is new! It has never been lived in before! 

We have been "flushing" the ward this whole week! It has been hard work but I love it! I feel so accomplished! 

ALSO, HAPPY FOURTH! We marched in the Monument Parade on the 4th and passed out lots and lots of candy! It was so fun! I was in the Parade last year and man did that year go by fast or what?!?! Crazy! I can't believe it! Anyways, It rained a lot this week so no fireworks but that's okay! It was a fun week regardless! I love rain too so that's good! 

We saw a really cool miracle this week!!!! We went tracting this week and we set a goal to find a mom with kids between 1:15 to 1:30. And low and behold, right at 1:30, a mom answered the door and had children in the back. She didn't want a Book of Mormon but she was just moving in so we offered to help her! She took our number and said that she would really love that! She said she would call us! So hopefully we can use the Ammon principle and convert her through service;) 

We also have had a TON of members offering us referrals! SO FUN! I love this work!!!! 

We had something way funny happen this week.. kinda embarrassing but I will share it anyway! LOL! So we were trying to start our dishwasher and we couldn't find detergent so being stupid and naïve.. we put dish soap in the dishwasher.. you can probably guess what happened next.. we left for an appointment and when we came back it was SUDS CITY! Like our whole kitchen floor was covered in bubbles! I grabbed some towels and started trying to soak it all up! It was hilarious! hahahhahaah I was laughing so hard! What a day! hahahahahah! I wish you all could have witnessed it! I definitely learned my lesson with that one! LOL

Anyways, the rest of the week was pretty normal, just getting used to a new area! I am really loving it here already! I feel so blessed!!! 

Love you all!!!! 


Hi Guys!!!! 

Great week!! The wards here are amazing and they are ready to do missionary work! We are so excited! 

This week we did a blitz and I went with Sister Brown to tract for a bit! When we started, we noticed that there was a salesman knocking on doors on the same street and at first we were pretty annoyed cause he was going to all of the doors that we had planned to knock on.. Then, when he got closer, I said, "hey, which way are you heading?" He was very kind and offered to knock doors in a different area.. But I jokingly responded, "No, No, I am sure that all of these people need Jesus and whatever you're selling!" This made him laugh and we started to talk to him! He told us about his religious background and about how he has had a lot of his friends serve missions. Then before we could even talk about the Book of Mormon he said, "Could you maybe tell me more about what you believe?" We began to tell him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon and we handed him his own copy. He then said, "is there a time that you can teach me more about this?" I was blown away by how prepared he was! We got his number and are excited to talk to him more!!! 

The saddest part of this week was the baby bird.. So when Sister Weber and I moved into our new apartment there were 4 little baby birds in a nest out on our balcony! We loved watching them as we studied and they became part of our little mission family.. haha. Anyway, this week, we noticed that one of them stopped moving.. He just would lay there and this was very odd. We soon realized that he had passed on to little bird heaven. After another day or so, we started to see that his brothers and sisters were pecking at his rotting body so we knew that we needed to do something. We called the other sisters in our district to come by and what followed was both hilarious and wayyy sad.. So I got one of our dining chairs and put plastic bags on the legs and then we took it out onto our balcony. (the plastic bags were so we didn't get bird poop on our chair. Our deck is covered in it) anyway, then Sister Suifanua put about 10 begs over her hand and got up on the chair to reach the nest. She tried a couple times to get the little guy out of the nest and finally had to pull really hard. This scared the other 3 birds and two of the three flew away!!!! They like lea rned how to fly early cause they were so scared of this huge plastic bag glob coming at them! We were all so scared when the other birds freaked out and flew away that she didn't get it all the way out of the nest. When we looked back up, the little guy was a hanging, rotting mess that was coming out of the next and hanging by one leg. Sister Brown went up next and had to pull his leg off to get him out! It was SO SAD! Worst thing ever! we just had to leave his other leg in the nest cause we couldn't get it... So RIP baby bird! We loved you! 

Anyways, everything is going great! I love the area and we are having a lot of fun! Thanks to all of you for all of your love and support! Bring on the next 5 months!!!!! I can't wait! 

Have a great week! I love you! 



Hey everybody! This might be short sorry.. I just don't have a ton of time.. 

This week was a tough one.. I haven't felt great health wise but I am hoping that next week will be better! 

We did however get a new investigator! She is here for the Summer from France! So so speaks French! how cool is that! It is probably because y'all are in France so we were blessed with a French Investigator!! So Fun! We can't wait to teach her! 

We volunteered this week to help with the huge youth celebration which was awesome! We loved being able to get to know all of the youth from three stakes in the springs! It was wild! 

We are officially half way through this transfer and that is just crazy to me because I feel like it just started! 

The other exciting thing from this week is that we have started to do family mission plans with all of the families in our wards and everyone is so excited about it! We are also going to do a ward fast!! YAY! I can't wait to see the miracles come because of the faith of the wards! 

I love you all so much! Sorry for the short email! I will make up for it next week!

The church is true!!!!! 



Hi everyone!!!! 

This week was good! 

So we met a new potential investigator this week that is connected to a member! It was really exciting! The members here are going to be our ticket to success! 

We also got a new family to teach and we are really excited about it! They are members but just want us to come and strengthen their family! We can't wait!!! 

We are still teaching our French girl! She is adorable!!! We love her! She is very spiritual and loves to learn about God. We also took her to a big Youth Celebration thing that was put on by three stakes in the Springs! It was a party and so much fun! She loved it! It was like a dance festival with lots of singing and dancing and music! 

When Sunday finally rolled around, I was spiritually hungry. It felt so good to go to 6 hours of church and be so spiritually fed! I needed it! I love the gospel and I love Jesus Christ! 

I am so grateful for all of your love and prayers! Have a great week and fly home from Europe safely!! 



Hey everyone!!! This week was so great! 

We decided to use service as a finding approach and so we made homemade bread and took it to a family that the Elders had tracted into during a blitz. The family welcomed us in and talked to us and our ward missionaries for a long time! it was so amazing to see how the spirit of service touched their hearts! We ended up getting their whole family as people to teach, so NEW INVESTIGATORS!! yay! 

Then we took bread to another potential investigator and we got another NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!! YAY! It was so great! I just love people! We can't wait to teach all these guys! Especially the family because they are just so awesome and ready to learn! 

We started to do service this week at a thrift store and it was so much fun! I loved it! Then they let us shop after and take whatever we wanted and it was the best time! They do so much good for the community and we were so happy to help and felt blessed to be a part of it! 

We had a great lesson with our investigator Mark this week as well! And a couple other awesome lessons with some less active families. We are starting to get the hang of the area and it is exciting!!!

 So yes, we are seeing lots of miracles and I am having so much fun in this area!! I love you all! You are the greatest family I could ever ask for! 

Have a great week!!!! And give Mike lots of hugs for me before he leaves to go to the MTC! 



Hello guys! 

So this week was good! I went to the Dr and got medication finally and hopefully I will start to heal! It gives me really bad headaches and so I am just praying that those start to subside.. 

We have been teaching a lot which is fun and we got to set up a lot of new appointments this week for the upcoming week! 

Also, the Sisters in the neighboring ward (Sis brown and Sis siufanua) were really sick this week so we got to check in on them a lot and bring them medicine and stuff:) I felt like a mom 100% hahah! 

Sorry I don't have tons of time on the computer today but the bottom line of this week is that we worked hard and we were Both exhausted by the end of the week.. We have a lot of people progressing and we're seeing changes in the mindset of the members! They are amazing and are so exited to do missionary work! We are looking forward to see what the future brings for this area! 

One of the highlights of my week was being able to video call into a lesson with an investigator from the Soaring Eagles ward! I served there like 9 months ago but it was so fun to see her again! And she set a baptism date!!! yay! I can't wait! 

I love you all so much! I hope you have an amazing week! Make sure to hug Michael a lot for me! I am going to miss him so much!!!! and someone record his farewell for me pls! hahah



p.s. I guess it is a new thing in the mission to spell my name 'Abi' hahaah I kinda like it;) 


Hey guys! So it has been raining like crazy this week!!!! 

So one of the funniest things happened this week! hahahah! We decided to go tracting with our district and as we started we could see some clouds moving in.. In my head I wasn't worried one but cause it never rains for more than 10-15 minutes in Colorado and then it turns sunny again. Anyways, so we tracted about 5 minutes and it started sprinkling.. I still wasn't worried. Then about 10 minutes later it started to downpour. This went on for 45-60 minutes! It was so funny! It felt like I was in the shower! No joke! We were laughing so hard and dancing in the rain. Then we met back up with the Elders and they were soaked all the way through! hahahah! Their white shirts were stuck to their skin like glue! It was hilarious! But we found 2 New Investigators! It much be something about Tracting in the rain that brings miracles! ahhahahah 

We also got to do service this week at a cute little thrift shop! We love the whole environment there! It is a blast! They are so so nice and give each of their volunteers $4 to spend at the end of their shirt! So we love it cause we also get to shop when we go! 

This week was also fun because we got to have dinner out with members two nights this week! One night we went to Olive Garden and the other night we went to Texas Roadhouse! It was so nice! I ate soooo many rolls! hahahah! And then another night we got to pick fresh raspberries for dinner at a members home! I just love it here so much! Monument is like the most perfect little town! So cute!! 

Our other new investigator was a man that came to church for the first time. He just showed up on Sunday and it was awesome!! His wife is a member so we were so excited to see them!!! 

Anyways, life is good! My health is improving a lot!!! I am so excited for Michael and thank you all for sending me his farewell talk! Give him lots of hugs before he leaves for me okay?? 

I love you all! Have a great week! 


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One Year Down!

hello fam! 

We had MLC this week and it was an amazing experience full of revelation for the CCSM! We were able to receive guidance from the Lord about how we need to direct the work in this area of the vineyard! So exciting! 

We had an awesome experience with Sister Howells this week!!! We shredded her Pagan spells!!! YES!! So fun! Then to end the night, we sang to her! "A Child's Prayer!" So awesome! She began to cry! then, she came to church on Sunday and brought her husband! The lesson was on Adam and Eve! They loved it and her husband told us that he had never heard the story told in that way! It was so cool! They then asked us to come back over after church to teach them more about Adam and Eve! We did!! They both said that they want to progress to the temple! THIS IS HUGE PEOPLE!!! HUGE! 

The other major awesome thing that happened this week was that John got baptized!!! He is 8 years old but his family is all not active. They are now coming back though which is awesome!!! I love them! But anyways, the baptism was amazing! So fun and little Johnny was so excited and looked all pure and bright! It was such a pleasure to teach him and help to prepare him for this sacred day! 

This week we also had exchanges with the Raton Sisters!!! They both came up to our area for the day! We had a wonderful exchange!!! But the worst part was the toothbrush incident... I will just have to add a video of it so you can see.. lets just say that I dropped my toothbrush in the toilet and sis Price was pretty rude and made me fish it out!!! lol!!! I was laughing sooo hard! 

Well, So sorry for the short email.. but I don't have a ton of time.. I love you all! I can't wait to talk to you more on Mother's Day this next Sunday! Have an amazing week!!!! 



Hi guys! 

I loved talking to you all yesterday! It was the highlight of my month! I am so grateful for all of you and felt like I was given so much strength from our last conversation! You mean the world to me! 

Since y'all got an earful about the mission and my life here in CO, I will keep this brief.. 

This week was awesome! We had exchanges, a blitz day where we tracted all day long, and we went to Jesus' baptism in the Springs! Jesus (said with a Spanish accent) is Eliana and Isaac's older Brother! So now, the whole family is baptized except for the Mom and she is planning on being baptized right after the baby is born! I was overwhelmed with emotion on this day as I watched their little family! They were the first family that I ever taught a lesson to, EVER! When I first met them they were shy and unsure and now they are confident in their religion and on their way to becoming an eternal family! I couldn't be happier for them! 

The gospel truly does bless families!!! 

There have been countless miracles again this week! Lots of people to teach and so much joy all around! This time in my mission has been my most favorite I think! I am just learning so much about myself and how I can improve myself each day! I am so happy!!! 

I shared this with Michael... but I want to share it with all of you as well.. sorry mike.. haha

This week I have really been trying to be teachable and I think this will be a goal that I will have for my entire life. I want to be humble enough to seek correction! There is a talk I love by Elder Christofferson.  In the talk he tells the story of the "currant bush" You should go on YouTube and look us "Currant Bush Talk" and then click on the one that was by Elder Christofferson! It is all about seeking for corrections and being humble enough to allow God to guide our lives. I have not always been very good at being humble and I really want to change that! I have been asking Sister Price what I can do to improve and then I have been trying to apply what she tells me! It has changed me! Not completely, but I can see that this is the start of something great! I would love for each of you to try this with me!! So here's what you do, just make a list of ways that you want to improve and ask God how he wants you to improve, then write them all down and make goals of how you can accomplish these things. Then, ask people who you trust to give you some ideas of ways that you can improve. This part was the hardest part for me... it is not always easy to take correction and remain humble and not lash out.. but I did it and it felt so good! I don't really know why I am telling you all of this, but it is just something that is helping me a lot on my mission and I really just want to share it with you!

well there you have it! the lesson that I learned in these past couple of weeks!!! BE TEACHABLE!!! 

That is seriously going to be my goal for life!!!! 

I love you all and am so grateful for you! Have an amazing week!!!! 



Hey! So we found out that Sister Price and I are both staying!! No transfers! Which means 6 more weeks here in beautiful Pueblo West, CO! We love it here so much!!! 

We have officially begun teaching a woman named Julia! She is from Ukraine and is so amazing! She is the one that came to church once with her Mother-in-law and then kept coming on her own.. remember her? well, she read the entire Book of Mormon in 2 weeks and then the next week she read the entire Doctrine & Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. She has also read the entire Gospel Principles Book somewhere in there! Well, this Saturday, we invited her to be baptized and she accepted!!! She will be getting baptized on June 16th! We are so excited for her! So many miracles are happening here! It is so exciting! 

A lot happened this week! It was nothing super significant but it was just a solid, happy, hardworking week! I am so happy here! 

I heard an analogy this week that I wanted to share with you all! 

The world is like a garden.. it can be really beautiful but it can also be thorny and rough. and no matter where we go in the garden.. our feet will get muddy. It is inevitable! But when we add in the gospel to our life, things change. The small and simple things in the gospel, such as daily prayers, diligent scripture study, selfless service, and weekly church attendance become stepping stones through the garden. They elevate us just enough to keep our feet clean and to help us through the garden day by day! 

Isn't that an amazing analogy! The small and simple things are important people!!! How is your scripture study and prayers?? I pray that we always strive to make those things a priority in our lives! 

I declare as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, that He lives! He is aware of us. He loves us! He walks with us! He understands us! And through His great Atoning sacrifice, He saves us!

Have a wonderful week! I love you all so much! 



Hey Fam! 

What a great week! Here are some highlights! 

Well first, I hit my year mark on the 31st! SO YAY! It has flown by!! I am so excited for these next 6 months! Bring it on! 

So last Monday, we went to a place called Bishop's Castle! Look it up, it was build by one man! We went all the way to the top, not on purpose.. haha but it was sooo cool! I don't remember if I sent pictures.. but I will send more! 

Tuesday was transfer day and Sister Price and I both stayed put:) I am so happy cause I absolutely love her! I don't know what I would do without her! 

On Tuesday we also had a lesson with David, our investigator and he said a prayer for the first time! It was so amazing!! It totally surprised us! I love it when that happens! 

SO we saw a really cool miracle this week! We had some past referrals just pop up on our phone and so we stopped by one of them. It was strange though because there were two addresses listed. We tried the first one and it was all gated and locked so then we went to just give up and go home and something just told us that we needed to go to the other address.. so we did! We went and knocked and a woman named Jo answered the door! She invited us in and we talked with her for 2 hours! She loved the story of Joseph Smith and she accepted to take the lessons! She said it was probably her daughter in law and son that referred them back in January. She told us that Missionaries came earlier in the year but that they weren't ready for it. She also said that recently her son has been sending her talks from Conference and that her soul is hungry for the truth! Then her husband walked in and he listened to the end of our lesson!! They said that they wanted to learn more and that they were interested in coming to church! AMAZING! GOD IS SO GOOD!! Such a miracle! We then texted the lady who referred us, (it was the daughter in law) and she was so grateful! She told us thank you and has remained in touch with us! She said that she would love to Skype into a lesson sometime!! YAY! I love technology! 

On Friday night, I was up until 2:30.. I didn't want to be but my mind kept racing. I started to have a ton of revelation about my future and my goals and such and I started to write it all down! It was insane!! Then , the next day, I was completely alert and awake! Isn't the bizarre?? I think that God was trying to put my mind at ease by giving me answers and solutions to all of my questions.. I had been a little worried about my future but I felt so at peace after all of that!!! I was so shocked to see that I was able to make it through the next day with such little sleep but God is so good! 

On Sunday, we had another lesson with Julia (said Yulia I think) and she is still so ready for baptism! the 16th of June can't come fast enough! She is so ready and we are so excited! 

You guys! There are so many miracles here! i am just soooo happy! This is the happiest that I have ever been on my entire mission! I am serious! I love it here sooo much! 

I am going to send pics of the letter that I finally got from the guy in Canon CIty! It is sooo good! I hope you all like it and cam learn from it! 

I love you all! 



Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for the sweet package that you sent! I honestly cannot believe that a year ago I entered the MTC! That feels like yesterday. I am amazed at how much I have grown since then and all of the memories I've made and the people I have met! I wouldn't change anything about my mission! It has been perfect! I am so excited to watch these next six months unfold! 


Now let me tell you somethin.. you give up a lot to go on a mission and one of the things that you sacrifice the most is your body... All tone and muscle just goes down the drain.. So I am officially... 6 MONTHS TO SEXY! which means that I am going to try to not eat candy and sweets but instead focus on good healthy foods and I have been running almost 2 miles every day for the past two weeks! YAY! 

It has been so hot here in Pueblo West! 100 degrees this week and then we dropped to the 60s later in the week! So that was nice! 

Okay so a highlight from this week that stood out from all others was when Sis Price and I watched the "Be One" devotional thing on It was AMAZING! It was a celebration of 40 years of Blacks and the Priesthood! If you haven't watched it.. WATCH IT! I especially loved the Bonner family! Sis P and I were both bawling!!! I am so grateful for diversity and beauty in this world! Can you imagine if we were all the same! That would just be NO fun!

We also had the opportunity on Sunday night to watch the Devotional for the Youth given by President Nelson and Sister Nelson! It was inspiring! I hope that you all watched because it really ws incredible! PLEASE PLEASE GO WATCH IT IF YOU DIDN'T! I mean it! I feel like this is a sign on the last days! He basically just invited all of the Youth to enlist in the Youth Battalion and help to gather Israel! AMAZING! At the end we all sang, "Hope of Israel" and stood and it was incredible! The Spirit was spine tingling! 

Those were the highlights of my week! I love this gospel so much and I love sharing it with others!!!!! 

It is so true and wonderful!!!! I love you all! 

xoxox have a great week! 




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