A Month of Miracles!!

MONTH 4 // Hi Family! 


On Wednesday, I received a call from President Stevenson and he asked me to train one of the brand new missionaries coming out from the MTC! I happily accepted the invitation so I will be training just as soon as Sister Anderson finishes training me! I am so nervous cause I literally don't know what I am doing! haha but I have faith and I know that the spirit will guide me! I can hardly wait to meet my new little trainee! I will meet her tomorrow! (Sept. 12th) 

The other cool thing is that ALL of the missionaries that I came out with are training new missionaries as well! So I get to to see all of them at a big meeting tomorrow before we all train! I can't wait! 

(Sis Bass, Sis McCarthur, Sis Taylor, Me!) 

On Wednesday night we went to a super fun dinner with the Christiansen family! They were so fun! 

Thursday we went to the zoo again for service and then we went to lunch at Mod Pizza after with our "Zoo Crew" Mod Pizza is the best! That night we went to Stephanie and Tyquanda's house and brought a ton of jumpsuits with us so that they could try them on! We all died laughing when they came out cause Stephanie's jumpsuit was a couple sizes too small! haha she came out and said, "I look like a marshmallow!" hahah! She was laughing sooooo hard and then Tyquanda started laughing, which made all of us laugh even harder! haha! It was so funny!

After that, we went to teach English to the refugees and I found out that Frazia and her family moved to Virginia... I was so sad:( I didn't even get to say goodbye to her:( So for the first time, I worked with someone who wasn't Frazzy:( Her name is Emily and she is so sweet! She is an incredible reader for just having learned and I loved helping her to improve! We played lots of reading and spelling games together and she is doing so well! I love her already! 

Also, STEPHANIE AND TYQUANDA GOT BAPTIZED! Ah! It was such a happy day! It happened on Saturday!!!! They were both so cute and were so emotional the entire day! Brother and Sister Fawson (former senior missionaries who found Stephanie and Tyquanda) Brother Fawson was able to baptize them both and it was so special for me and Andy because we were able to stand on the edge of the font with towels and hug them as they got out of the baptismal font! They were both crying and I started crying too! Sister Fawson spoke and we had a flute solo by one of the YW and then afterwards we had cookies and one of the Senior couples brought Pizza! I made Swig cookies the night before and I frosted them green and purple cause Tyquanda loves those colors! We hung the fabric pennant flags, that mom and I made for my farewell, across the room and I used my letterfolk board for a decoration and put their names on it! It was just such a special day! 

Afterwards, we had so many different kinds of cookies left over that people had brought so I had the idea to have all 8 missionaries that were there go with us to a homeless park and pass out cookies! We ended up going just over to Nevada Ave. and we walked around a park where many homeless people live and we gave all the cookies away and were also able to share uplifting messages about Jesus Christ! It was such a memorable experience for me! We met a sweet man named Rodney and he is a retired vet from the Vietnam war. He told us that he just lost his wife and then lost everything else in his life. He told us that he only get a couple hundred dollars a month from the government and it's not enough to afford a place to live. He said that he doesn't want to be homeless but that he doesn't have any other options right now:( It literally broke my heart! He was so sweet and then began to bear testimony to us about Jesus Christ and how he knows that Christ knows exactly how he feels and exactly what he is going through! I was so touched by him! I was so happy that we were able to give him a cookie and make his day a little bit better! 

On Sunday, Stephanie and Tyquanda were confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! I CRIED! It was such a happy day! I know that they will be so blessed for the decision that they have made to be baptized! I can hardly wait to see the incredible things that they do in their lives! 

The rest of the day on Sunday was really bittersweet. I helped Andy pack since we know that she is being transferred. We got all of her laundry and stuff done, (shout out to Sister Wilhelm for always letting us do our laundry at her house) and we got all of her stuff packed so that we could have a super fun/not sad p-day today! We both sat in the car and just cried together! I am going to miss her so much! I can't believe that my training is almost over! 

I want you all to know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and perfect! It changes people and brings them more blessings and more happiness than they can ever imagine! The Book of Mormon is true! Joseph Smith was the prophet of the restoration! We have the truth restored to the earth! God has a plan! The plan of salvation is so beautiful! I know that Heavenly Father is aware and mindful of each of His children! I know that He loves us and I know that our Savior, Jesus Christ loves us! He suffered and died for each soul and he lives today! How sweet it is to have that knowledge! 

I love you all! I hope that you have the best week! 


Hi Fam! 

Tuesday was such a sad day because I had to say goodbye to Sister Anderson! On our way to transfers, I pulled into Starbucks and bought Andy and I white hot chocolates cause on my first day in the field, she took me to Starbucks. So it just seemed fitting for me to take her there on our last morning together! It was a hard day but it was also a super happy day because I got to meet the new Sisters and Elders that had just come out into the CCSM! It was kinda crazy because I knew that I was going to train one of them.. I just didn't know which one!

Sooo finally, after lunch, we all went to the chapel with all the trainers and trainees and President Stevenson announced who each of us would be training! It was so exciting! President Stevenson called me up to the front and had me show everyone is the room where my area is that I will be serving in (they brought a massive map!) and then he said, "Sister Morgan, you will be training Sister Allen!" I was so excited!!!! That first day was a crazy one! Cause I for reals have no clue what I am doing! I am just following the promptings of the Spirit and striving for perfect obedience! I am learning wayyyy more from Sister Allen than she is learning from me! On that first day, we basically just got to know each other while she unpacked and then we went to a fun dinner appointment and finally ended the night by going to the home of an African Refugee (Rehema) to teach her how to cook! 

Wednesday was Sister Allen's first FULL day in the field and she did AMAZING! I am so impressed by her! We went to the soup kitchen and I worked next to a woman who is actually homeless and is doing community service so that she can see her daughter again! She said that she has been working in the soup kitchen everyday! I was so amazed by her! We got to talking and the Spirit whispered to me and let me know that she truly is a daughter of God! That she is my Spirit sister and that Heavenly Father loves her just as much as the rest of his children! I grew to have so much love for her over those few hours that we spent together washing dishes! I am so grateful for this experience because I have been praying for God to help me be more humble and this whole week has been full of experiences like that, that have made me stop and think and reflect on all that I have been given. I am truly being changed each and everyday! 

Thursday! We have been really trying to prepare for the people that we teach during our studies and it has made the biggest difference this week! Our study time is always so uplifting and amazing! That morning I had been praying that I would be able to study things that would be of help to Stephanie and that is exactly what happened! I began reading the Book of Mormon in the Book of Enos and the story that I came across was exactly what we needed to share with Stephanie and Tyquanda that day! So yeah! We got to see Stephanie and Tyquanda that first day and they are both doing so well! We are going to start working on Personal Progress with Quanda and are really looking forward to that! For lunch, we went with the Christensen's to Macaroni Grill! AH man, we sure get spoiled here by the amazing members! It was so fun! They would be such good friends with mom and dad! I can't wait for you to meet them someday! 

On Friday, I was mean and made Sis Allen wake up at 5:45 so that we could meet up with our entire zone of Elders for a Zone Workout! It was so much fun and a bunch of the Elders told me that the workout that I led made them super sore! hahha whimps! Anyways, so Friday was crazy! We had district meeting, then one lesson after another, and we didn't even get to eat lunch until 3:00! hahah! We got to see Norma too! Oh man! She is hilarious! She is 82 but soooo spunky! 

On Saturday we had a very long day.. We started the day by going to a huge Stake Service Project where we made scarves for the homeless and then we basically just planned and planned and planned for the week and for all of our baptisms that are coming up! We also ate lunch obviously and dinner and then we studied and did Sister Allen's training stuff! Kinda a long day, but definitely necessary! 

Sunday was incredible!!!! Miracle after Miracle just kept happening! 

First miracle! There is a guy that lives in our building who is always soooo nice to us! He loves to look out over the city from his balcony and we often see him as we are walking in and out and in and out of our apartment all day long. He always waves at us and says, "Good morning ladies!" or "Good afternoon ladies!" you get the picture?! He is just the nicest man! In my heart I always wished that we could start teaching him and I would continually tell Sister Anderson that I wanted to start teaching him.. It was kinda hard though because we have a contract with our landlord that says that we will not proselyte in our apartment building... But ever since day one, I had been praying that this man would show some kind of interest so that we could introduce him to the gospel!

So anyways... on Sunday afternoon, we were walking out of our apartment building, heading to a meeting and we saw this man in the parking lot talking to some people. We waved and said hello, and then continued on walking. Then we heard him yell, "Hey ladies, do you have a minute?" We stopped and turned around to talk to him! He introduced himself and told us that his name is Delvin! He then said, "Hey, If you ladies ever go to church sometime soon, I would love to come!" I am pretty sure my jaw dropped! We told him that we would love him to come to church! He then told us about how his mother had just passed away a few months back and that he'd been kind of angry with God. But he said that he realizes now that God did not take his mom, and that he needs him now more than ever! He said that he felt drawn to us for some reason and that he really wants to start coming to church! We then asked him if he would like to start receiving the lessons and he got all excited and said "YES!" We are now planning to start teaching him and his wife! We texted him that night and set up an appointment and he was so thrilled! What a miracle! 

Ok, Second miracle!!!! First of all... earlier in the week I made Sister Allen promise me that she would extend a baptismal invitation to one of our investigators this week as the Spirit prompted her! She was pretty nervous but accepted! So anyway, fast forward to Sunday. We went to a lesson with Chance and Lynn in the afternoon and we were teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We began talking about baptism and Lynn began to bear her testimony of baptism and she talked about how excited she is to be baptized this upcoming Saturday! She had tears streaming down her face and out of no where, Sister Allen turned to Chance and said, "Chance will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood Authority of God?" I was floored! I couldn't believe that she was so bold! I knew in that moment that it was the most perfect thing that she could have done! The spirit reassured me as I looked at Chance! He then said, "YES!" oh my! I couldn't believe my ears! Chance set a baptismal date for December 2nd! 

I am just so amazed at the way that Heavenly Father is answering our prayers and helping us accomplish our goals, and how much we are being blessed for our obedience and diligence! 

The rest of Sunday was so incredible as well! Our meetings were wonderful and uplifting and we also got to go to dinner with all the "single ladies" in the Cheyenne Meadows ward! It was so much fun! We are going to help one of the Single women work towards the temple! Later Sunday night, we went to the Wilhelm's just to say hey and all of the children began to sing a song for us! (it is a song that Sister Wilhelm's parents wrote! and they are going to sing it at Eliana's baptism!) I welled up in tears as they began singing! I was so overcome by the spirit! 

This next week will be an amazing one! We have Lynn's Baptism at 1:00 on Saturday and then Eliana's Baptism at 4:00 on Saturday! Sister Anderson is coming back up from Del Norte to be there for the big day and we are keeping it kinda a surprise for a bunch of people! She is going to stay the night at our apartment on Friday! Partay! ahhh! I can't wait! 

This gospel is true! I know that with every fiber of me! It blesses lives and changes people for the better! 

I love you all! Have the best week! 



Hi my wonderful family! 

This week was amazing!!!! 

On Tuesday, we had a lesson with our new less active, Sister Wickel! She is so sweet! She has had a ton of addictions but is ready to work towards the temple! I admire her faith and testimony so much! We also painted nails at the assisted living home! It was so much fun! I painted the nails of a lady named Miriam and another lady named Bea! They were so sweet and Bea was a little firecracker! haha! She kept being sassy about everything and it was totally cracking me up! She asked if I had any children and I replied, "oh no, I'm not married." and she said, "Well what the hack does that have to do with anything?!" hahaha and I just thought to myself.. "uhh.. eternal families, DUH" haha! 

On Wednesday, we did service at the soup kitchen again and this time we got to serve! I served the vegetables and the STLs came so Sister Carlson served the main dish next to me, while Sister Allen served the fruit on the end! It was such a blast! This week we also fed Lynn's cat Bebe all week, because Lynn has been in the field for the Army! So when we got the instructions, about feeding Bebe, from Lynn, we were so shocked at how freaking spoiled Bebe is! haha! She will only eat if her food is on the kitchen table, she only drinks purified water, ha, and she gets fed three times a day with treats at each time... oh my! Lynn spoils her so much! haha!

We also got to visit Delvin! He was our miracle from last week! We went to his apartment with the Elders and when we walked in, we saw his wife and his three cute children! They had made us an amazing meal and then we taught the Restoration lesson to them! We gave Delvin a Book of Mormon and asked him to read! I am really excited about this family! They are awesome! 

Thursday, we went to the Zoo again! We met with Stephanie and Tyquanda and then had a great dinner with Brother and Sister Mead! They served us french dip sandwiches with fry sauce on them and they were BOMB!!! SO GOOD! After that we went to teach English to the refugees! 

Friday, we basically just did TONS of baptism prep! We picked up Sister Anderson and her new comp Sister Walker from Lynn's on Friday night because they got special permission from President Stevenson to come up to the Springs from Del Norte for our baptisms! They got a ride from Lynn's parents who were coming up so it worked perfectly! We got to Lynn's about 3 minutes before they did, so I ran into the bathroom and hid in the shower (cause I knew that Andy would head straight to the bathroom when she got there.. haha) anyways, so sure enough, she went straight into the bathroom and then I jumped out from behind the shower curtain and screamed! hahah! I swear she almost fainted! I was dying laughing! After that, we went back to our place and I made her fav dinner (mom's chicken stroganoff ) We all ate dinner and painted nails and then sat up talking.  #approvedsleepover #thankspresidentstevenson

Saturday was the best day ever!!!!!! We woke up early, turned on a general conference talk to listen to, started making cookies for the baptism and got all ready! When we finally got to the church around 11:00, we got everything set up, the Elders filled the font, and then Lynn showed up! We got her interview done and got her in her jumpsuit and she was ready to go!

So many people showed up and the baptism went perfectly! She was glowing the entire time! Sister Romero gave a beautiful talk and then Lynn was baptized! She was a huge puddle of tears and it was the sweetest thing ever! Afterwards Lynn bore her testimony and it brought tears to my eyes! She is the most prepared person that I have ever met! I love her so much! I know that I was called here for her! She is amazing!

After the baptism, all of the missionaries went to lunch and before we knew it, we had to hurry and run back to the church to set up Eliana's baptism! When we got outside it was POURING rain! We booked it back to the church and got all set up for Eliana's! We didn't tell Eliana that Sister Anderson was coming back, so when she saw her, she started to cry and gave her the biggest hug! Eliana cried the whole day! But it was one of those cries where she was smiling at the same time! It melted my heart to see how happy she is! She was wearing a darling white dress and had her hair in a long braid! She looked perfect! And her baptism was perfect! ahh! Sister Anderson spoke and then the Wilhelm family sang a song that Sister Wilhelm's parents wrote! It was so beautiful! What can I say?? Saturday was absolutely perfect! And it was even better when Elder Guzzo and Elder Tome showed up all the way from Castlerock! Elder Tome taught Eliana a while back and so he came back to baptize her! It was so special! 

Sunday was just as wonderful! They were both confirmed and the spirit that was felt was so strong! I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of their journeys! 

The gospel is true! I am sure of that! I love my Savior! His atonement changes lives! 

I love you all and hope that you have a great week! 



Hi Family! 

Wow, what an incredible week! Conference was exactly what I needed! 

For P-day this last week we met up with all of the sisters in our zone and we went to lunch at Panera, and then to Old Colorado City which made me feel like I was up at Main Street Park City of something. It was so quaint and homey, I loved it and felt right at home. It was so much fun! We walked around the shops and went to a cute little Ice Cream Parlour and then we all bought matching t-shirts! After that, we drove about 10 minutes to Manitou and did some shopping there. Sister Allen and I bought cute little succulents to spruce up our apartment. haha! It was probably my favorite p-day thus far. Don't get me wrong, hanging with Elders is ok...  but hanging with Sisters is the best! This is the first transfer that I have had sisters close by and it is honestly the best thing ever! 

Tuesday was a really wonderful day! We went to the soup kitchen to help out, even though we usually go on Wednesdays.. they were short staffed so we thought we would help them out! It was a blast! So many missionaries came and all pitched in and we had such a great time! After that, we rushed to the assisted living place to paint the old ladies nails and I got to do nails for 3 sweet ladies, and one sweet man! hahahha! Then, we had enough time for me to paint my own nails a cute "watermelon" color! It was a super fun day! We also got in all of our studies, helped our refugee friend, Rehema, make dinner, and we had a great and productive meeting at the church with our ward mission leader! 

Wednesday was a crazy good day, but also an exhausting day. We had Zone conference that lasted from 8:00 - 4:00... It was very uplifting but lasted a lifetime! hahah! I always love Zone Conferences though! They always motivate me to be better. Sometime I get down on myself and feel like I am just not doing good enough, or that I am not making my Heavenly Father proud, but I just realized that I need to push those negative thoughts out of my head and just be the best I can be! That is all that Heavenly Father asks of us! 

On Thursday, we woke up to very interesting weather! It was like nothing I had ever seen! The mountains were gone and replaced by a thick, white, mist. And the air was wet with moisture! As we ventured out on our way to the zoo, we felt a mist in the air. It wasn't rain.. it was almost like a very light snow. but it wasn't cold enough to be snowing.. I swear, I hadn't seen anything like it! As we drove up the mountain to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for our service, the moisture in the air increased and an even thicker white fog surrounded everything! From the zoo, we could see nothing of the valley below, only white. Elder Ashcraft finally said, I think we are inside of a cloud!" which totally made sense! I am sure he was right! The zoo was a lot of fun that day, Sister Allen and I got to sit inside in the warm shed and make seed sticks, while the Elders went out to the Giraffe exhibit to clean it! haha. being a sister is the best! 

After Zoo service, we all went to Costco to get lunch because it is soooo cheap and so good! It reminds me of home! I just always think of the many times that dad and I would run to Costco on a Saturday morning and then get lunch! aww memories. The rest of our Thursday was kinda all over the place.. everyone canceled on us.. so we used our extra time to enjoy some extra long studies which was definitely needed! We then got to go to dinner with the Jones'! They are my favorites! I can't wait for all of you to meet them! They took us to my favorite Mexican restaurant again called Carlos Miguels! Of course I got the Baja Fish Tacos! mmmmmm.. Soooo good!

We then got to go teach English at the church to the refugee families! When we got there, the woman in charge told us that one of the teachers had to cancel and asked Sister Allen and I to fill in for that class! We walked in and saw Rehema and Safi sitting there! (they are the refugees that we help cook dinner!) We taught them the difference between (there, their, and they're)! They did such a great job! I was so impressed by them! Safi was asking so many questions and he wanted to learn so badly! The spirit was so strong as we taught them and I felt Heavenly Fathers love for them stronger than ever. It's moments like that where my mission is so worth it. Where I forget all of the hard times and my heart is full of gratitude. Afterwards, Sister Busath (the lady in charge) told us that Rehema and Safi want to take the missionary lessons!!!! YAY! So we get to start teaching them! I can't wait! They both speak fluent French.. So mom, I might need your help.. hahah

Friday!! Conference Eve! We went to district meeting, taught a few lessons and had another great dinner! 

Conference finally came!! I have been waiting for this moment for my whole mission, and it is finally here! We got to watch conference with the Wilhelm family and also with Lynn and Chance! The Wilhelm's go ALL OUT for conference! It was so fun! They had "pin the tie of the prophet", a hot chocolate stand, conference trivia, a temple building station, and the best pumpkin pie! It honestly tasted just like the pie mom makes! Conference was just absolutely amazing in every way! Watching with Lynn and Chance was also a highlight! I loved watching Lynn soak in every single word and write notes on things that impressed her! 

My favorite part of conference was probably Elder Holland's talk! It was exactly what I needed to hear! But honestly, each and every talk hit me so hard! I can't wait to get the written versions of them so that I can study them again and again! I know that this gospel is true and that it blesses each of us so much! I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father and that he knows us perfectly! It is His work and His glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of each of us! I know that my redeemer lives and that he died for me! I love Him and am forever in His debt for all that He has done for me! 

I love you all and miss you every day! But I know that you are being blessed and protected! I hope that you have a great week! 



Heyy Family! 

Oh my! Best news ever! Lynn and Chance are engaged! If you remember, Lynn was just baptized a couple of weeks ago and she is doing so well! And Chance, "her friend" is being baptized in December on the 2nd! Lynn and Chance have been taking the lessons together but have been telling us all along that they are just friends... um. yea. they lied to us.. They have actually been dating the entire time and have actually been engaged for almost a month! AH! We were so surprised!!!

Yesterday, we went over to Lynn's after church to teach them another lesson and we were kind of nervous because Lynn had mentioned that Chance was going to move in with her to help her with rent.. which is not allowed if Chance wants to be baptized and if Lynn wants to go do baptisms. Anyway, so I was really stressed about having to have "the conversation" with them.. So when we knocked on the door, the door opened all by itself (Chance we behind the door) and the apartment was all dark and there were spooky Halloween decorations up everywhere. I was so confused and then I saw Lynn and said, "this is all new!" and she said, "Guess what else is new?!" Then she flashed her hand at me and there on her finger was a huge, gorgeous diamond ring! I SCREAMED!! I honestly couldn't believe it! This whole time Lynn had been telling me that they were just friends and all of this stuff and now they are engaged!?!?! I honestly dropped by bag and waterbottle in the middle of their floor and basically tackled Lynn! Hahahah! it was so funny! We were all screaming!

Then Lynn and Chance told us everything and Chance told us how he proposed! It was perfect! I knew all along that they would eventually get married but I didn't think that they were already dating and engaged! They told us that they are planning to be married in February or March and then Chance will be leaving for Iraq in June so they will have 9 months apart.. but then as soon as he gets home, they will come to Salt Lake City and be sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple! It will be a year after they are married so that will be really special! And I will be home from my mission so I will get to be there! I am so thrilled! 

This week was definitely a hard one because I was feeling sad that conference was over! 

Last P-day, we went on the Seven Bridges hike! It was beautiful! I will attach some picture of the hike down below! 

On Tuesday we taught the plan of Salvation to Eliana and her family and she was so darling the entire time! She was so full of the Spirit and was answering all of the questions perfectly! I love having lessons like that that are so amazing and where the people we are teaching are so engaged with the Spirit! Isaac set a date for baptism while we were there as well! He will be baptized on the 21st of October! We can't wait!!! I am so happy for their family! 

Wednesday, we did service at the Soup Kitchen again and then we literally had EVERY SINGLE lesson fall through after that... We stayed busy though and kept working hard despite the challenges we were facing. That night some members took us to dinner at a place called "Edelweiss" it is a German place and was actually really good! The member that took us served his mission in Germany and when I told him that mom served in France and Switzerland, we had a lot to talk about! 

On Thursday, we had inspections, had a few stop bys and lessons and then drove out to the middle of no where to have dinner with the Perkins family! They showed us their chickens and ducks and Sister Perkins made a wonderful chicken and potato soup that was sooo good! Then we went to go teach English to the refugees and they had changed their plans for that night.. so again plans were cancelled.. So many things got cancelled this week.. it was really sad and hard for me, just because the past few weeks have been so amazing and uplifting! But it's ok! Everything will work out because we have the Lord on our side!

Friday was actually pretty amazing! We hurried to the Toyota dealership early in the morning to have something on our car fixed.. I don't really know what was wrong with it.. but I do know that the driver's side door has a mind of it's own and keeps locking by itself.. so yea, we got that done and then had a lesson with Steven! We went through that Baptismal interview questions with him and he got 100% hahah! He is so ready! The 17th is his date so it is getting close!!!

We then taught a lesson at Lynn's which was amazing and Chance told us that he is going to pray about moving his baptismal date up closer.. (this was before we even knew that they were engaged..)

We then went to dinner with the DeMoss family and we rolled California Rolls with them.. You all know how much I love sushi..... haha. But it was ok. They also had Japanese Pears and this really yummy chicken with Japanese mayonnaise that was SOOO good! After dinner, we went to Rehema and Safi's to teach them the first lesson. They don't speak English very well.. but the spirit was able to help us understand them and to also help them understand us. They accepted everything we taught about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and then we gave them each a Book of Mormon and they promised to pray! Safi said a closing prayer for us in his native language that he spoke in Rwanda(don't know how to spell it.) but I heard him say the name (Joseph Smith) in his prayer and it made me so happy! They then asked us to sing to them. which totally caught me off guard haha but we were happy to. We sang "I know that my redeemer lives" and Rehema got a huge smile on her face and told us that she learns best through songs. So she loves music! 

Saturday was basically just a planning day where we did weekly planning, training stuff, and a few stop bys. But it was definitely necessary for us to get all of those things done! We also got to clean the church on Saturday morning and it brought back sooo many memories of us cleaning the church together as a family! I remember we would always do the downstairs of the building with Dad and Michael and I would dust while Dad vacuumed! Aww I miss that! 

Sunday was really hard.. I have been getting sick with a really really sore throat and chills and stuff so we only stayed for one of the wards.. We came home and Sister Allen laid down oh her bed and I went into the kitchen and cried.. hahah It was kinda pathetic and I didn't even know why I was crying but I was. I prayed so much and then I made a list of all the things that I was stressed about and prayed for guidance to help me with these things and I felt so much better afterwards! We then got to go to Lynn's shortly after and that is where we got the news that Chance and Lynn are engaged! So that really turned the day around!!! 

It was a week full of ups and downs but it was definitely a good one overall! I am just so grateful for conference talks! Cause they have totally been getting me through the hard times this week! 

I miss you all and love you so much! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!!! 



3 Months in and Feeling so Much Love!!


Longest Week --- Hi Family! 

So this week was the first week of the new transfer and it was soooo long.. There have been lots of changes in the mission and one of the biggest changes in our area was that we now have Elders in both of our wards! We welcomed Elders into the Cheyenne Meadows ward. They are both really great! Since last week I was kinda low on motivation, I was super excited this week when my motivation started to return! My "greeny fire" is still burnin'! Hopefully it never goes out! haha 

We also went to the zoo again this week and guess what we got to do AGAIN?!?! Hay!! Ahhh.. don't get me wrong, I LOVE to do service! It is one of my most favorite things to do! But Hay?! I again sneezed probably 100x when we were there and then I kept sneezing for four days after... NEVER AGAIN! It just takes me out completely.. But the zoo is always really fun! We have great service opportunities here! 

On Friday of this week, we had our first district meeting with our new district and it was so fun! We got so much work done and did role playing with everybody which was super funny! After the meeting, Andy and I went home and made the BEST. LUNCH. EVER! We made homemade guac again and then made yummy soft tacos! We are basically professional chefs! After that, we go to go to a lesson with the Elders for a man named Steven! (We found Steven my first week here while tracting and the Elders. I loved it! Teaching is my most favorite thing to do on my mission! It is amazing to see someone recognize the spirit for the first time as it testifies of truth to them! AHHH! Missions are the best! For dinner... we had Sushi.. Ok, So I have been really trying to like Sushi for a long time.. but I just can't do it! I put a piece in my mouth and felt like it was coming up for sure! I kept it down though, don't worry! But if anyone has advice for me on how to like sushi.. please let me know! 

SATURDAY WE HAD EXCHANGES! I love exchanges so much! This transfer, I got to go with my STL, Sister Hepworth, who actually is my "grandma" because she trained Sister Anderson! We had the greatest day! She is hilarious and such a hard worker! We went to a lesson with a family and we were teaching the Restoration lesson to them! (Now keep in mind that this isn't my usual area.. it's the STL's area.) They had three CRAZY kids and they were all crawling all over us! The oldest boy, who is five i think, came up behind me on the couch and hugged me! Then he started kissing me on the neck! haha! I pulled him off cause it was weird.. and then he came and stood on my lap! He put his little hands on my cheeks and kept trying to pull me in to kiss me on the lips! HA! I just kept pulling away and continued teaching but I have never had a crazier, more distracting lesson! hahaha! It was so funny!

We went tracting later on and prayed really hard to be directed to someone who needed to hear our message! The first door that we knocked on was a single dad and he told us that he is actually an inactive member! He was telling us all about his mission and we shared a brief lesson with him and then offered him a brand new Book of Mormon to read! He declined and so I decided to be BOLD! For studies that day I read a letter titled "The Ricciardi Letter". It is a letter written by a missionary about his trainer and contains amazing stories and inspiring insights on missionary work. (Feel free to look it up and read it if you'd like!) One of the things that Ricciardi always did when someone would decline to hear his message was, he would say to them, "Ok, that is fine, but next time the missionaries come knocking on your door, will you please let them in and hear their message?" That wasn't exactly word for word, but you get it..

Anyway, this tactic proved to be very successful. In fact, the missionary who wrote the Ricciardi Letter, was tracting one day, long after he had been companions with Ricciardi and he met a man who allowed them in for a lesson. The man said that he had promised a missionary a while back, that if any missionaries were to knock on his door again that he would allow the in and that he would listen to their message! So... when Adam declined the Book of Mormon that we offered him, I pulled a total Ricciardi and made him promise me that if the missionaries were to ever return to his door, that he would allow them in and listen to their message! He promised that he would! Then, when Sister Hepworth and I were walking away I said, "I hope you know we are sending the Elders over there next week!" hahaha we both got a good laugh out of that! 

Ok.. So the funniest day ever was Sunday! We had a regular, awesome, fast Sunday, and then after church we went up to the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the mountains for dinner with the Elders and a Family! When we got there, the dad had just finished shooting a Rattlesnake in their front yard!! He is so awesome! They have about 35 acres and horses and the whole shebang! We got to see their horses and walk around their property a bit and it was so beautiful! At dinner, they served kabob type things with chicken and steak! Sister Anderson was feeling a little overly ambitious and shoved the entire piece of steak in her mouth at once! It wasn't that big of a piece but the steak was pretty overdone.. so she started chewing and about ten minutes later she was still chewing! For dessert they served ice cream. On the way home, it was pouring rain! (It has pretty much been pouring rain for two months straight) So anyway, we were hydroplaning all over the road! It was not too bad though cause we were the only ones out in the bad weather! We finally made it home and had armfuls full of stuff! We were booking it through our parking lot, trying to get inside, and all of the sudden, the Elders jumped out of nowhere and started chasing us! Sister Anderson screamed so loud and she was so mad that she took one of the eggs that the family we ate dinner with gave us and she threw it at an Elder! hahahhah! Funniest. Night! 

This week was a long one but a good one! I just want all of you to know how much I love you! I want you to know that the gospel is true! I brings me more happiness and joy than I could ever imagine and I would be completely lost without it! Christ lives! He is the Savior of the World, and through him, each and every one of us can be saved, regardless of who we are or the mistakes that we have made! Christ will never give up on us and he will always be reaching out with open arms! Turn to him! Rely on him! Love him! Know him! He lives! 

Have a great week all! I miss you everyday and I love you more than anything! I have truly been blessed with the most incredible family! 



Watermelon ---- Hi Family! 

On Tuesday, we had cute a laurel from one of our wards with us all day! She literally spent every second with us and it was so fun! She really wants to serve a mission so she was thrilled when we asked her to come see what "missionary life" is like. We set goals in faith with her while tracting and we were able to achieve those goals within the first five minutes of tracting! It was insane! I have never seen anything like it! I don't think we really realize how powerful faith can be! The funniest part of the day was dinner! ohhhh myyy.. I won't go into too much detail.. but let's just say that our dinner was AWKWARD! hahaha I was trying so hard not to laugh. Oh and I will also say that my skirt almost got pulled off by one of the family's dogs.... hahaha 

On Wednesday we had a pretty normal day, we went to the soup kitchen again but this time there was some action. A fight broke out between two homeless guys and there was food being thrown and plates flying! It was actually kinda scary! Also, I received another funny compliment... some guy came up to me and asked if I have a boyfriend and I said, "no." So then he said, "I like your face!" hahah and I swear he said that I had something on my face!! So I was all confused and everyone around me started cracking up! hahah oh man, there is nothing like getting hit on at the soup kitchen! haha 

On Thursday, we went to the Zoo again for service... more hay... KILL ME! I have been sneezing all week! Then we went to the Shrine again because it was Elder Henning's last week and he wanted to go! Then we spent the rest of the day running around doing service and teaching stop by lessons cause ALL of our plans fell through! Even our dinner fell through! To end the night, we played with the African Refugee children! Oh my gosh! They are so full of energy! I was laughing so hard the entire night! I jumped rope with all the little girls and the kept coming up to me and they would grab my hand and just hold it tight! Aww. It melted my heart! We also played volleyball with a bunch of the older kids and that was such a blast! I love these sweet kiddos more than anything! 

On Friday we had a lesson with Lynn and we talked to her more about her baptism date! We were a little nervous because we weren't sure how she was feeling about it, but she is SO excited! She told us that her whole family is coming into town on the 2nd of September to see her be baptized! AHH! I am so happy I could cry! She is doing so well! She has been going through a lot with work and with health issues but she is recognizing the Lord's hand and she is continuing to have faith! She is so incredible! She is inspiring to me everyday! 

Sunday was the best! I have kinda been down this week... But Sunday lifted me up so much! I was able to have peace about some things and I felt so much hope! I just love how the spirit teaches! He helps each individual person receive revelation in different ways and it absolutely amazes me! We got to see some of our investigators and they all confirmed their baptism dates to us! All of them have family coming into town and we are getting everything set for their dates in September! The 2nd and the 9th are going to be the happiest days of my life! They are all so full of light and I can see them changing day by day! They are becoming disciples of Christ! Ah! This is where it's all worth it!

Also, y'all are probably wondering why I titled my email "WATERMELON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" well, it's cause the word has gotten out about how much we love watermelon, so now everyone is giving us watermelons. hahaha We are piled high with them and they are soooo good! The members here are so good to us! 

I just want to let all of you know that I know this gospel is true! I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that he died for me and for all of you! I know that the enabling power of the atonement is real! I know that through Him, we can become better each day. I know that when we turn to Him with our whole heart and repent, our sins are forgiven and he remembers them no more. And I know that He loves us more than we can even comprehend! I know that the Book of Mormon is true! I need it in my life daily! I know that it was translated by the prophet Joseph Smith and that through it's words, we can have eternal life! I love my mission! I love all of you! And I love this Gospel! It is true! I promise! 

Have an amazing week! 



Preparing for 3 Baptisms ---- Hi Family! 

This week has been awesome! It was kinda a slow week cause Andy and I have both been really sick so we have spent many hours of our days in bed. Andy has had it worse than me though so a lot of the time I was just being bored. haha. But we tried really hard to go out and work whenever we could and we ended up seeing a lot of miracles because of that! 

We have also been preparing a lot for the three Baptisms that are coming up in the next few weeks! They are all so excited and we are seeing so many blessing coming to them! This week we had Zone Conference and it was so uplifting! We got to spend an entire day learning from our Mission President and our APs and Zone Leaders! It was so awesome! 

We have had a number a awesome lessons this week and are making great progress with everyone we are teaching! We also went tracting as a district this week and we all split off in our area and set goals in faith! We tracted for about two hours and then got back together and reported on the progress that we made! Andy and I were able to find a new investigator and also pass out three Books of Mormon and we got two potential investigators! It was pretty awesome considering that we only ended up getting 45 minutes to find. 

We got three new investigators this week! AHHHH! We were so thrilled to see the Lord blessing us for following the promptings of the spirit to drop some other investigators!

The best experience with a new investigator was when we went to teach Lynn and she asked if one of her friends could sit in on a lesson! We said, "yes! of course!" and so her friend Chance sat in on our lesson and we very interested in what we were saying! He said that he wants to come to Lynn's baptism and also to church and that he wants to start taking the lessons as well! We were soooo excited! We get to teach Lynn the lessons over again after her baptism and so he gets to hear them for the first time! It is going to be so awesome! 

The best day this week was the 17th because it was SISTER ANDERSON'S Birthday!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! She is 20 years old! I stayed up until about 11:00 the night before and decorated our kitchen with streamers and balloons and stuff and then I got up around 6:00 and started making chocolate chip pancakes with nutella and strawberries and cream! SO YUMMY! So anyway.. she woke up around 6:15 and came into the kitchen and was soo surprised! Oh and I gave her a painting for her birthday along with the dress that mom sent and she LOVED them! It was the best day! I will attach lots of pics! 

We got to do some service this week as well which is always good! And we didn't have to do hay again at the zoo!!!! FEELING SOOOO BLESSED! I am finally not sneezing! YAYYY

I want you all to know that I am loving it out here! Colorado is still bipolar as ever and it rains constantly! haha! but I LOVE it! Serving a mission is the best decision I have ever made! I am looking forward to many more great memories out here! 

The church is true! God is real! The atonement changes lives! Christ is our Savior and Redeemer!!! He lives! Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration and the Book of Mormon is the word of God! My testimony is as simple as that! 

Love you all and miss you so much! I can't wait to talk to you all again! 



Two Kneeling Prayers a Day ---- Hi Family!!! 

 This week has been busy and fun! That's always my favorite kind of week! 

So on Tuesday.. we did a whole lot of planning for everything that we have going on these next few weeks like baptisms and stuff like that.  

On Wednesday, we worked at the soup kitchen again and I got some pretty great compliments this time! hahah One homeless man came up to me and said, "hey gorgeous! how are you?" I replied, "Good sir, how are you today?" He then said, "Good! I've been dreamin' about ya!" and my response was... "ohhhh....." hahahhaha I had no clue what to say. Then he said, "If I was only 20 years younger..." hahahha I was dying! It was sooo funny! They this other guy came up to me and told me that I was the prettiest thing he had seen all day! That really made me smile! I just love volunteering there! It is so nice to help others who are struggling at this time in their life. It was kinda scary though.. when we were trying to leave, we got stopped by this crazy high guy and he was like trying to grab us and stuff.... ehhhh! But then he started dancing and then ran away! hahaha Kinda weird! 

On Thursday we went to the zoo and then we had a Lesson with an investigator and I committed him to say two kneeling prayers a day (thank you Pres. Buie!) and he has been doing it ALL WEEK!!!! I am so happy for him! He told us that he is seeing a huge difference in his life and he even said that he will get baptized and that he knows that what we are teaching him is true! So now all we need to do is set a date with him.. we are planning to do that next Wednesday! This whole experience with him has been so special to me because Andy and I first met him when we were tracting for the first time together! He was someone that we tracted into and it is so awesome to finally see this coming full circle! Keep him in your prayers! He has been making a lot of life changes and he is truly becoming a different person! The holy ghost is definitely working in him!!! 

On that night, we went to a super awkward dinner... haha and then headed to the church to teach English to the African Refugees! I worked with sweet Frazia again and I we got to read together! She is doing so well! I just love her! She jumped on my back and gave me the biggest hug as I was leaving and it was so sweet! We also got a new investigator, she is a refugee mom and we are going to teach her how to cook and also teach her a little bit about the gospel! I am so excited! These refugees have so many sad stories and I only wish that I could do more to help them! I am seriously wanting to do some humanitarian work when I get home after working with all these kids! 

Friday was the best!!!!! We went to dinner with these two ladies who each have military husbands and they each have three kids under the age of five. So we had tacos with them and talked to them for a bit and learned their stories and it was honestly so eye opening to hear about what Army wives go through! It is not easy, I will tell you that! We then shared "good things to come" with them. It's my favorite mormon message!!! Go watch it if you haven't! By the end of it, we were all crying!!!! 

After that, we went to a lesson with Lynn (our last lesson) and we taught her about the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and the Law of the Tithe! And she accepted everything and also agreed to speak at the "Work of Salvation Fireside" which is a mission-wide fireside where all the missionaries in the mission bring their investigators and we have recent converts speak! So she gets to speak at that and it will be the day after her baptism! How great is that?!?!? Also, side note.... Lynn has a friend named Chance who is in the Army with her.. and he is now starting the lessons and is coming to church with Lynn and he is also reading the Book of Mormon! Ahhhhh! How is this happening?!?! I'll tell you how! It's the Lord! He is so amazing and has truly prepared so many people for us to teach! 

On Saturday, we had a training meeting! And so it was just me and Sister Tay (my MTC comp) and our trainers! It was a really great experience! We met with President and Sister Stevenson and the APs and we got to talk all about how our training experiences have been! It was so great! After that we went to lunch with Sister Taylor and Sister Walker (her trainer) and then we went to a Baptism for the Palmer Park Elder's Investigator! Her name was Angelica and she was so sweet! Since her missionaries are Elders.. we got to go back in the changing room with her and help her with everything! I also got to stand on the side of the font and watch her be baptized and then I got to wrap her in a towel as she came out of the water! It was such an amazing experience for me! She was seriously glowing! 

For dinner on Saturday.. we went to a pizza parlor with a family and the Elders and the little boys asked me if I would go down a slide with them.. so I followed them over to this HUGE slide! (Probably 20ish feet long) Anyway.. so we all went down the slide! Even the Elders! And it was such a blast! And the pizza place was soooo good! So dinner was pretty much THE BEST! 

Sunday was great! We had so many people come to church! It was amazing!!!!! I am so proud of all of our investigators and less actives! They are so prepared!

I love this gospel! I love the way that it changes us for the better! I know that it is true! Christ lives! He preformed the Atonement for each and every one of us! I am so happy to be a missionary in the world right now!!! 

I love you all! Have the best week! 

Thank you for all of your prayers! 



Challenges and Blessings

So, last Tuesday we went to dinner with the Jones' and it was a blast! They are this sweet couple and they totally remind me of Brent and Leslie Lorimer! They are so cute! They took us to this classy mexican place and I got fish tacos! Mom would have loved them! We definitely should all go there when we come back and visit my mission some day! It was so fun! And she is an interior designer so we had lots to talk about! She was so sweet with us! And they also insisted that we get dessert, so we got a molten lava chocolate cake that was to die for! Oh and we also got a guacamole appetizer that was soooo good! Mom and Dad, you would LOVE this place!!! 

Anyway, so on Wednesday we went to the soup kitchen and then had a wonderful lesson with sweet 82 year old Norma! I adore her! She always calls me Abby and calls Sister Anderson Krystal and it is the sweetest thing! She calls us her daughters! haha even though technically we are the ages of her granddaughters! haha! So we taught her and she gave me a pair of shoes that were too small for her! awww.. they were total grandma shoes but I think I will wear them to a lesson at her house just to see her face light up! She will be so happy! That night we went to a place called Mod Pizza with some members! The Blarmires! They are soooo great! They have six awesome kids and the mom reminds me so much of a Utah mom! (probably cause she is from Utah hah) anyway.. you guys should google Mod Pizza and see if there is one in Utah cause it was soooo good! 

On Thursday we went and did service at the Zoo with all of the Elders! We were doing something called seed sticks where we dip Popsicle Sticks in hot glue and then we dip them in seeds for the birds to eat! So there are not very many seeds on it.. just on the tip.. anyway, so Elder McCombs, (a new Elder fresh from the MTC) said, "Sister Morgan, I will give you 20 dollars and buy you lunch if you eat this seed stick!!! So I ate it!! hahah! It was not even bad.. it just tasted like the seeds that are on the crust of some wheat breads! hahah so yea! I got 20 dollars and he bought me panda express! hahahah! Best decision EVER! That will teach him not to make bets with me again! hahah! But the Chinese food did not stop there for the day.. after a couple more appointments we went to Coordination meeting with our ward mission leader in Broadmoor and he took us to a super yummy Chinese place called The Coal Mine Dragon! It wasn't quite as good as Dragon Diner from home.. but pretty close! hahah I am just now realizing that all I have talked about is food... hahah Ohhhh man.. 

Oh Friday, we found out that Lynn had a death in her family and so we had to cancel everything for her baptism and get it all moved to a different day.. It was so sad, but she is doing so much better and is still so excited and so ready to be baptized! Satan has been hitting her so hard with so many things and there are trials that are coming at her left and right by no fault of her own and she is constantly turning to Christ for strength and is not allowing the adversary to get her down! She is such an inspiration to me and is teaching me more than I have ever taught her! She makes all of the hard days in my mission so worth it! 

Something that was so incredible this week was that we went and talked to Brother and Sister Wilhelm about everything that was happening this week that was hard. (we call them our Colorado Parents haha) Anyway, so Brother Wilhelm gave us each a blessing and Sister Wilhelm told us to turn to the Savior and access his atonement! She explained that the atonement is not just for sinners, but also for sadness and trials of any kind. She told us something that she does every time that she takes the sacrament that helps her to remember the Savior. First, she bears her testimony to the Savior as the sacrament is being passed and then she silently says, "create in me more perfectly thee." She explained that often times we need to ask for the Savior to create in us, him. Our goal is to become as the Savior is and it is only possible when we access the atonement and ask for His help! She said that there are 3 S's that help us become more Christlike.. Service, Suffering, and Sacrifice. These are the three things that we must do constantly in order to have true and everlasting charity! I was so blown away by her testimony to us and felt so much peace! 

Sunday was amazing! The sacrament took on a whole new meaning for me, we had 5 investigators at church and 4 less-actives, and Lynn was able to make it back in town just in time for Sacrament Meeting! She came to church and was able to hear the testimonies that were shared and I swear that each testimony was perfectly tailored to her! She was crying throughout the whole meeting and was so uplifted by everything that was said! She also brought her friend Chance with her again and he was able to feel that same sweet spirit! 

In between meetings, we ran over to this lady's house in our ward and we taught her the first lesson. Her son and his girlfriend were in town and really wanted her to receive the first lesson since her son and his girlfriend both served missions and are planning to be married in the temple! So we got a new less-active!!! Her name is Susie and she is the sweetest! She is working on going to the temple and we are so thrilled to get to work with her! I can hardly wait! 

Later on that night, we went to the Work of Salvation fireside, where we have all the missionaries bring their investigators and then we have recent converts speak! Chance and Lynn came with us and it was a beautiful meeting! Afterwards, Chance began telling me how much he has seen his life change for the better since he has been taking the lessons and how amazed he is at how much Lynn's life has changed! He was so sweet and sincere and told me that he is going to begin reading the Book of Mormon right away! I am so excited for him! 

On Labor day we couldn't email cause all the libraries were closed.. so we took the whole day and we went on a hike and then played games at the church! It was such a fun day! We are kinda struggling with some missionaries that are being disobedient and leaving their companions and stuff like that... but that didn't stop Andy and I from having an awesome P-day! That night, we went to Lynn's house and made BBQ chicken pizza with her and Chance and then we watched Meet the Mormons! It was such a fun time!!!!! I love them! 

Ohhh and in most recent news! Eliana has a new baptismal date! September 23rd!!!! (she was the little girl that was supposed to be baptized in July!) 

Ohh and also... we have some haters after us! We have had somebody messing with our car.. So we had someone throw food on it a couple weeks ago and then someone stole our hubcap.. and then we had some mean notes on our car a few days ago, and finally.. yesterday, we got egged! UGH! It is so frustrating! We think that someone has seen that we are Mormon missionaries and is trying to target us or something because no one else's car is getting messed with.. Now all of the senior missionaries in the mission are worrying about our safety and so we are having to be really careful and stuff and make sure that no one is following/watching us.. But I am not worried! I know that the Lord is protecting us! But yea.. it still really sucks that our car "Ruby" (that's her name) is taking the brunt of it!

So yea! This week was great! It definitely had its hard moments but in the end we received so many blessings! I am so grateful for this gospel and for a loving Heavenly Father who knows me and loves me! 

I hope that you all have an amazing week! I love you so much and miss you all the time! 

-Sis Morgan


Flirt to Convert, Jail, and Bed Bugs!!

MONTH 2 // Hi Everyone! 

This week FLEW by! I can't believe that I am already emailing you all again! This week we said goodbye to President and Sister Rehm (pronounced Reem). It was so sad to see them go.. although I have only known then for a week.. It was super sad. I got to sing at their farewell meeting with a few other missionaries! We sang the Sisters in Zion/Armies of Helaman Meadley! It was super awesome! Afterwards we got to give both President and Sister Rehm hugs goodbye! So, President Rehm is the first guy that I have hugged in a month and will hug for another year and half..... bummer. Anyway, we also got to meet President and Sister Stevenson!!!! They are so awesome! I love them both already! I can't wait to get to know them better! We met them at a fireside on Sunday night and Sister Stevenson talked about her parents and their conversion story. Then, President Stevenson talked about our purpose as missionaries and how each of us must have our own "waters of Mormon" or a place where our belief became a conversion! I was so impressed by him! I really think that we lucked out! Heavenly Father definitely sent us some good ones! 

We do a whole lot of cooking and eating on the mission! Sister Anderson and I LOVE to cook and we love to go out! Her grandpa gives us $40 a month to go out to eat! So this week we went to Red Robin (with a member) and then Sister Andy took me to Panera too! It was so good! We also love to buy healthy food and make a lot of our own meals. Last P-day, we made the Elders banana bread and they went crazy! (it was mom's recipe). So then, the Elders asked me if I would make them some with chocolate chips! haha. So this week Sis Andy and I made them banana bread with chocolate chips. We are planning to take it with us to our P-day activity today! They are gonna die! We also made BBQ chicken salad this week which was super yummy in my stummy! (sis Tay's favorite saying) and we made 4th of July cookies that we are also taking with us for P-day! 

Yesterday... Sister Anderson and I got a referral from SLC and so we plugged in the address to our GPS and headed out to the middle of nowhere to take a Book of Mormon to a man! We finally got there and as we pulled in I realized that we weren't at a normal home.. we were pulling into the Colorado State Penitentiary.. or Jail... I was freaking out. We called the number on the referral and the woman said that the referral was for her fiance who is in jail and she asked us to go in and take the book to him.. which is SUPER not allowed.. But we decided to go to the front desk and ask about the best way to get him a Book of Mormon. We gathered up all of the courage that we had and said a prayer, then walked into the jail! It was super strange! I have literally NEVER stepped foot in a jail before but hey, there's a first time for everything right?!?! haha It was a pretty crazy experience! Hopefully we get everything worked out so that this man can get a Book of Mormon and turn his life around! 

The best thing that happened this week is that we got two new investigators!  They are sooo sweet!  They both came to our "Work of Salvation" fireside on Sunday night and they had the best time! There, they were able to hear the testimonies of recent and long time converts and hear about how the gospel has blessed their lives! It was super awesome! 

Tomorrow we are marching in the 4th of July Parade in the Springs and we also get to be at the LDS Missionary Booth! I am way excited!!! This 4th of July will definitely be one to remember! Today for P-day, we are planning to have a giant water balloon fight with our entire Zone! Thank you mom for the water balloons and for the great inspiration that you gave me! We are super excited!!!! I can't wait for this next week! It will be so awesome!!!!! 

I want you all to know that I know this Gospel is true! I have such a strong testimony of the Book or Mormon and my testimony grows each times that I read. I know that we have a loving Father in Heaven who knows each of us perfectly and provided a plan for us so that we may return to live with him again! I know that Christ lives and that he died for us. I know that he is the center of everything and that without him, nothing would be possible. He is the life and light of the world. I love Him! I know that this gospel is true without a doubt in my mind and my testimony is growing every single day! I love you all! Keep writing me and staying in touch with all that you are doing in your week! 

On the fourth of July, we were in the Monument Parade with about 100 other missionaries! It was sooo great! We were like celebrities up there! We drove all the way up to monument with the STLs which was super fun (Sister Training Leaders) and then we got to be in the parade and have lunch up there with the new mission president! He is so great by the way! When the parade was finally over, and lunch had ended, we drove back to the springs with the STLs and they dropped us off at our car. Immediately after we started driving, we realized that something was wrong.. the car would not get up to more than 20 mph.. we called tons of people and none of them answered except for our amazing Zone Leaders.. but they were about to head to dinner so they were of no help.. We decided to drive it home super slowly, even though we were really far away from our apartment.. long story short, we finally got it home and were parked for the rest of the night.. Some super awesome members came and picked us up and took us to our 4th of July party with a handful of families from the Broadmoor ward, and it turned out to be a pretty great 4th!  As we were heading to bed, we could see dozens of fireworks from our balcony. We have the most beautiful view of the whole valley and were able to see so many of the fireworks from all over! That moment was the first time that I felt homesick. I thought of you all sitting at the fireworks with everybody and I really wished that I was with you all! 

On Wednesday we got a new car.... goodbye 2017 Corolla:( anyway.. about the new car.... WE HATE IT! IT IS THE WORST CAR EVER MADE!!!!!!! It is a Chevy Cruise...  the A/C is broken.. the Gas gauge is WAYYYY off.... our pedals make farting noises constantly.. and the the lock button is suuuuppper hard to find!!! The only good thing about our car is that our TIWI is broken.. (TIWI is a little device that tracks our driving violations and our speed) Sooo YAY! but also.. it is the worst car EVER! 

So we also got to go to the soup kitchen again! But this time we scraped dishes... I'm not gonna lie.. It was rough.. I officially felt like I was about to throw up the entire time.. But service is always good and always makes me feel good. We saw three new born babies that came through and it literally broke my heart!!! I wish I could take all of them home!

On Thursday, we volunteered at the zoo again and afterwards we went up to the Shrine! Apparently it was built in remembrance for the man that started this town! He built it for himself and the people really hated him for it, so they renamed it and dedicated it to a man named Will Rogers! Go google pics of it!! It is so beautiful! There are bells that play classic songs and harmonize with the bells at the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel just across the way. It is the most gorgeous thing I have ever heard!!! We will definitely go visit there when we go back after I am done serving! You can see the entire valley, and all the way out to Kansas and it is breathtaking!

We also got to teach the African refugees again which was great! They didn't need tons of help teaching them though so we just played with a bunch of them in the church gym while their parents learned. It was a blast.. except for when the little boys started throwing things at us.. and one little boy accidently stepped on my baby toe and I seriously think it's broken..... It is sooo purple and gross! haha

Okk... So I got asked on a date... LOL! Here is what happened. Sister Anderson and I were at an appointment with an investigator and on our way home I felt impressed to stop by a certain apartment building that we had passed on our way to the appointment. When we pulled up, we say a young adult male BBQing. So we went up and began to talk to him! We gave him a Book of Mormon and a card with our number and told him to call us if he had any questions.. So anyway.. a day later, he texted us and told us how beautiful he thinks we are and then asked us to go on a hike with him this week..... Flirt to Convert RIGHT?!?! hahahah. We got a good laugh out of that one! 

EXCHANGES!!!!! On Saturday, I began my first exchange with my STL, Sister Clawson! She is sooo cute! Me and her are A LOT alike! (exchanges are just where you go out with a new companion for one day!) We decided to do a ton of finding during our exchange! We began the day by going to a Baptism! After that, we went tracting and did lots of stop bys! That night we were about to head over to a Stake picnic and we had about 20 minutes before we needed to leave so we decided to tract in our building for 20 mins before we went. I said a prayer and prayed very specifically that we would be able to hand out three pass along cards with our number and one Book of Mormon. And I also prayed that we would find young adults.. My goal was a little far fetched.. but I just really wanted to test my faith! We began tracting, and almost immediately we found four young adults from India who are here in CO, working at the Broadmoor Hotel! They are all Hindu and so they know nothing about the Bible at all, and nothing about Christ. So we got to know them and ended up giving them the only two Books of Mormon that we had.. and we gave each of them a pass along card. (so we gave out four pass along cards and two Books of Mormon, one more of each than we had planned!) By the time we left, they were fighting over who got to read the Book first! They are all going to begin taking the lessons and we are SOOOO STOKED!!!! We then headed to the Stake picnic and got to talk to tons of people and build relationships! I was just so grateful for Sister Clawson the entire day!!! She taught me soooo much and I am so excited to continue in the work! To end our exchange, we went to Amy's Donuts! It was TO DIE FOR! We will definitely go there when we all come back to visit too! They have every kind of donut that you could imagine! I got the Nutella Crumble!!! Are you surprised?!?! Just keep the packages with nutella comin'! They are much appreciated! Anyway! That donut was life changing! I will definitely be going back! 

Today was P-day! Yay!! We began the day by going on what was supposed to be a hike.. but turned into us just going into a cave... It was FREAKY! There were homeless people's stuff left everywhere and it was super deep and narrow. I was freaking out! We also got to go ice skating which was super fun! We went with almost our whole zone and had the best time! It was the first time I have ever been ice skating without holding a guy's hand! hahahahah! Welcome to mission life! We have had such a fun day! I am sad to see it come to an end.. but tomorrow and the rest of this week will be great, and before I know it, I will be emailing y'all again! 

I just want you all to know how much I love the gospel! I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart and I can feel myself growing closer to him each day! I encourage each of you too do the same! Grow closer to him every single day! I love you all so much and pray for you daily! Keep enduring to the end!

so...... my worst nightmare has come true.. WE HAVE BED BUGS!! I'll be honest.. I always kinda thought that bed bugs were fake.. It's probably because mom has those funny pillows that say "Goodnight sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite". I never actually thought that people seriously got bed bug bites... But I have the bites to prove that they are indeed real! So we began to search our apartment for signs of bugs!! We didn't see anything for the longest time then, out of no where, there was a huge bed bug on our wall! We both screamed and then started to laugh/cry. haha It was totally a mix of emotions. We had been kinda joking about the idea of having bed bugs but never in a million years did I think we would actually find one. It was a HUGE full grown, black bed bug!!!! I seriously died when I thought of that thing biting my face!!!!!! After I calmed down a bit, we began looking again.. we found one more bug in my box spring that was not full grown yet, so it was still a rusty brown color... NASTY! 

 The next day we washed EVERYTHING, packed up everything from our apartment into three cars (the Elders helped) and we moved to a temporary apartment that is wayyyy outside our area.. When we got there we realized that it was completely empty, no furniture whatsoever.. and since we couldn't take any of our bug-infested furniture with us, we had to borrow camping chairs from a family in the ward. Bless their hearts! So this entire week, we have been living out of garbage sacks and sitting on camping chairs! hahahah it's been kinds rough... we have been cooking in the tiniest kitchen on the planet that is full of roaches so that's fun... haha oh, and we have no microwave... which is definitely a challenge. I am just so ready to move somewhere permanent again.. We will most likely move back into our old apartment tomorrow after it has been fumigated.. PRAY FOR US! And also send more Nutella, cause Nutella makes EVERYTHING better! 

This week has also been a really good week though. We went through our entire teaching pool and decided to stop seeing tons of people who are not progressing, then we made lots of plans for finding. We have been so blessed because of this.. we got a new investigator who is GOLDEN! She has been attending church for about three months and is now ready to meet with missionaries! She found out what ward she is actually in and the missionaries from the ward she was attending told us to contact her! She is so sweet and is ready to progress towards baptism! 

On Sunday, we had 7 investigators at church and 4 less actives! We were SOOO EXCITED I could barely contain myself!!!!!! I am so proud of all of them! One of our less actives really wants to get to the temple this month, which means that if we can get her ready, we get to go with her!!!! YAYYYY! Let's hope that she can get there cause I am dying to go! It would be the best experience in the world to be in the temple with her! She reminds me so much of grandma! 

I just absolutely love it here in Colorado! The weather is bipolar hahah and there are deer everywhere! Like everywhere! I probably see 30+ deer each week just wandering around people's yards and the streets and stuff! hahahah! They are just so used to people getting close to them that they don't even flinch when we get near them. I have been probably 5 feet from three bucks and they didn't move an inch! It was freaky! haha but they are such beautiful and gentle animals! I love it! And like I said, the weather is super bipolar! It will be 80 degrees one second and then all of the sudden it starts to downpour.. it pretty much rains every day here which I love! It is so fun!!! I can't wait for all of you to come back here with me to explore CO! 

I want you all to know how much I love Jesus Christ! He is my rock and my redeemer! He performed the greatest gift, the gift of the Atonement, and for that I am forever grateful! I strive to be more like him every single day and I would ask that all of you do the same! I know that as we seek strength from him, he will lift us up! He is my everything, and I love him with all my heart! 

Have a great week! I love you all so much! And make sure to pray that the bed bugs don't bite me again!!!! 

So we finally are back in our new apartment after having bed bugs... The day that we moved back in was kinda a crazy one! We woke up and went to head out the door of our temporary apartment and the lock was broken... So we couldn't leave... and we had to go meet the bed bug guys and so we were super stressed.. then, we walked outside and we saw that we had a flat tire!!!! We were both super angry and stressed! We called some Elders to come fix our flat (The just put on the donut tire) and then we had our lock changed! When we finally got to our bed bug apartment, the guy was about half way done.. so we headed back to our temporary apartment to get all of our stuff to move back in to our old apartment again! hahah are you confused yet?!?! Anyway, so we got everything packed into our three vehicles and we headed back to Broadmoor area where our apartment is.. When we were about halfway there, Sister Anderson and I noticed the sound of Oatmeal spilling all over our car... I'm not gonna name names.. but one of the Elders put a box in the wrong way..  So Sister Anderson freaked out and told me to pull over so that she could fix it! We pulled over into a random parking lot and she ran around to fix that oatmeal.. that had spilled all over our backseat!!!! Right as she got out, a man walked out from a tire shop that we happened to be parked by. He said, "Are you ladies ok?" and we answered and said, "Yes!!" In kinda a crabby tone.. Then he said, "Are you Mormons?" and suddenly our tones changed as we realized that we are still missionaries, "Yes!" we said sweetly! He then asked us about our tire and we told him about the day that we had. He then took a quick look at it and said, I will fix your tire for you! No charge! We were both in shock! We asked him why he would do that for us?! He answered and said, "Well, I am not a mormon, but I really admire what you guys do! I want to fix it for you! So, he then began to take off our tire and fix it! He soon realized that we had a three inch screw in our tire and that it would be impossible to fix.. so he decided to give us a used tire for free instead. He told us that he had almost sold it to a man this morning, but that something told him that he should not sell it, and set it aside instead! TENDER MERCY! We had been feeling like God had forgotten us... first the bed bugs, then the lock braking, then the flat tire... As soon as this huge blessing came our way, we were so overwhelmed with gratitude to our Heavenly Father! I will never doubt His presence in my life again!!! 

Ok... That story was pretty long.. but it was a super great moment from my week last week! Last week we also did service at the soup kitchen again where I had the pleasure of serving something called, "Beanie Weenies" ..... Yea... it was beans and hotdogs. EW.. But I always love going there and helping the sweet people that come in! Seeing them makes me so grateful for all that I have been given and for the gospel especially! 

Last week, we taught district meeting and taught about Charity! We all passed papers around and wrote down things that we love about each other! It was SOO FUN! You guys should all do it! It was definitely a confidence booster! haha

Also, a highlight from this week was when our fav member EVER, bought us a watermelon! haha and mango Popsicles! Aww we love her! She found out that we only get $150 dollars a month and immediately was like, "I'm getting you a watermelon!" hahah she is seriously my fav! And her kids are so awesome too! Her little girl made us laugh sooo hard at a ward party this week! She bit a chicken leg bone clean in half! She's six and sooo feisty! hahah

On the 24th, we hiked the INCLINE! Go google it! It's insane! It is about a mile up and it's all steps made out of railroad ties. It was the hardest thing EVER! The view was amazing! It was seriously so much fun! We all need to do the incline when you guys come back to visit! Later that day, we went to Costa Vida with a member and the whole time I was just trying to pretend like I was at Cafe' Rio! haha! It actually worked! It was super good! We also went to Macaroni Grill this week with some members that TOTALLY spoiled us!

We did service at the zoo again on the 27th... and this time we had to stack hay.... apparently.. I am allergic to hay cause I sneezed about 100 time! No exaggeration here! I was miserable! Then, the next morning, our entire district woke up at 6:00 A.M. and went to do service for some non-members in the Broadoor area! They have a huge swamp in their backyard that is full of nasty crap and our job was to clear out branches from the swamp! So within 2 mins, we were all completely covered in mud! The morning turned into a mud fight and we got hundreds of branches moved! It was so fun and the best part was that it rained on us the entire time! I actually really loved it because it kept us cool! It has been raining a lot this week actually, like every day! I am loving it! After service, we all went to iHOP and got breakfast! I got red velvet pancakes, of course! 

This Monday we decided to hike (stroll) up to Graffiti Falls and we walked around there for a bit, then we got some lunch and went back to the church to play games! Cover Your Assets is a WINNER! I Won of course! What else would you expect;) just kidding.. Mike beats me 90% of the time anyway.. So yea! That was our week! It has been the best transfer that I could have imagined! I have loved every minute of it! 

I want you all to know that I know this gospel is true! Joseph Smith truly did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ! And he was the one chosen to restore the gospel to the earth! He translated the Book of Mormon and its words and teachings are true! They are from God and they are necessary in our journey through this mortal life! Christ lives! His Atoning Sacrifice is real! I love him with all of my heart, and through him, I am becoming the missionary and person that he wants me to be! God is our loving Father and he is always there for each of us! He has a plan for us and he knows best! Never forget that! 

I love you all so much! Have the best week! I still can't believe that you went to San Diego without me! :) 


- Sis Morgan

This is just a compilation of all of the emails and pictures we have received this past month!! Sister Morgan is doing great and absolutely loving her mission!! 

Posted by Katie Morgan