Made it to Colorado Springs!!

WEEKS 3 & 4 // I have so much to tell you! Especially since I didn't get to email last week! Last week I left the MTC and it was really really strange.  I flew to Colorado Springs on Monday and I am now serving in the Colorado Springs area!!

Sister Anderson (my companion) is totally jacked and can plank for forever! She loves to workout which is really good for me. She also loves to eat healthy and make food with me. We have been making recipes from the ones that mom printed off for me and it's been a major stress reliever. She loves to shop! She has two times more shoes than I do.. (And I thought that I brought a lot!) haha. She has the funniest sense of humor and we laugh constantly. She is so loving and caring and is always uplifting me and making me feel good about the work that we are doing. She is basically an angel! We work really well together! 

Oh, and here is a brief description of our apartment... The outside is made of bricks of all different colors and there are random rocks mixed in. Each brick is going a different way and some are even curvy. The first time I saw our apartment I literally thought that it was falling over! But it's not. It's just built to look really whimsical and weird.. When we entered the inside.. that was the first time in my life that I had ever smelled weed. Our entire apartment building smells like cigarette smoke and weed.. haha it is seriously sooo bad. We live on the 5th floor and we always take the stairs cause the elevator is freaky. So, every time that we have to use the stairs.. we just hold our breathes and book it up to our apartment which is the last door on the 5th floor! Our apartment is really clean and smells good so that is a bonus! So yea.. That's a little bit about where I live! hahaha. Don't worry about me though! I live in a really safe area.. Everything smells like weed no matter where you go. 

My first day with Sister Anderson was kinda intense! We left the Stake Center and went straight to a lesson with the Sisneros family. There, we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson and then invited their two children to be baptized and they accepted! It was so awesome! They are getting baptized on July 15th! We are so excited!!! The rest of the first day I unpacked and then we went and got me some groceries! After that we met with a lady named Roxie who is the sassiest, sweetest, and most hilarious lady you'll ever meet! She is awesome and we are trying to get her to come to church! She has tons of health problems so it won't be easy.. but I am up to the challenge! Keep Roxie in your prayers! 

On day two in the mission field, we volunteered at the soup kitchen in downtown Colorado Springs. I served chili and pasta and it was honestly the best three hours of my mission! It was heart breaking to see children coming through and even newborns. It was also so sad to see people with disabilities. My heart broke. I had to stop myself from crying a few times. Everyone was so sweet and would say, "Thank you so so much." or ,"I haven't eaten in days." It broke my heart.. But everyone was so grateful and it really made me more thankful for all that I have been given! We go to the soup kitchen every Tuesday and so we will be doing that a lot! I am so excited to go back there and talk to everyone! I had a really cool moment where the Spirit let me know that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of his children equally! Even the ones who have nothing. 

On day two we also visited Faye who is a 89 year old lady that lives in an assisted living home. She called the Salt Lake office about a month ago and asked for the missionaries to come meet with her! When we got there however, she had no recollection of calling anyone to send missionaries.. haha!! She let us in though and we had a great little chat with her! She showed us her scrapbooks and told us about how she owned her own textile company for 40+ years and then she showed us dozens of quilts from all around her home. (You would love her Mom!) She told us that we could come back on Sunday to teach her the lessons and we told her we would and that we would bring her a Book of Mormon on tape so that she could listen to it, since she has a really hard time reading. We ended up going back on Sunday and we taught her the first lesson, which she fully embraced. And then, we read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon to her and she said, "Oh, that was Lovely." She then asked if we could read more! We told her that we needed to go to dinner but that we would bring her the CD Book of Mormon so that she could listen to more! She was so excited and then gave us some treats to take home with us! She is the sweetest! 

On Thursday, we did service at the Zoo! We pulled lots of weeds and cut up lettuce for the giraffes! Then we got to walk around for a bit and feed the giraffes. They have a new baby named Rae who is perfect! It was so much fun! The giraffes get to close to you and lick the food right out of your hand! haha. Not gonna lie.. giraffe tongues really freak me out! 

We also got to teach English to refugees on Thursday night! We do a lot of service in the CCSM. (Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission!) I taught a little girl names Frazia. Her brother John was also there, and Sister Anderson taught him. We read books with them and helped them sounds out words, and we also played word games with them too so that they could understand what sounds the different vowels make. I never realized how difficult and confusing the English language is until I had to teach it to Frazia! She is so darling by the way. She cuddled right up to me on the sofa in the lobby of the church building and we read a book about giraffes. Which was very fitting, seeing that I fed the giraffes earlier that day. Later that night we jumped rope in the gymnasium with all of the refugee children and they made me jump rope with them.. haha which was pretty embarrassing. Mental note: don't ever jump rope in a dress.. ha. When we finally made it home, Sister Anderson looked really sad. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that John had told her that he hadn't eaten in days and that he was really hungry. She got him some food and he started to perk up a bit. Then, one of the ladies there told Sis Anderson that John and Frazia's Father had just left their family and that the only food they have in their home is a jar of peanut butter. That made be so sad.. I was heartbroken to hear this from Sister Anderson. I wish that there was more that we could do for them.. but we are not allowed to know where they live.. 

On Friday, Sister Anderson and I moved around all of the furniture in our apartment and then headed out! By about 3:00, we were feeling pretty discouraged. We had been turned down by two people who had appointments and all of our stop by's went badly. Also, our tracting wasn't super successful.. so..... Sister Anderson took me to Starbucks and bought me some hot chocolate which made everything better! It was just a nice little break! Ah! She's the best! We also had our dinner appointment cancel on us... but we were feeling good from our Starbucks, so we went home and found what we needed to make mom's yummy Chicken Stroganoff! (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong..) But it was sooo yummy! 

On Saturday, We watched Meet the Mormons with a big group of members from our two wards that we are over (Cheyenne Meadows & Broadmoor) and it was really fun to get to know some of the members and to watch Meet the Mormons again! I loved it! Later, we made deviled eggs and then made banana bread (mom's recipe) for the Elders. They have been begging us all week for banana bread so we finally made some and we are going to give it to them later today (P-DAY). It was super fun! I love baking! And it actually turned out pretty close to mom's. Not quite as good.. but pretty close! 

My first Sunday was really long... we were at church from 8:00 to almost 3:00 because we have two wards plus meetings for both wards.. it was craziness... We met a new investigator and the Cheyenne Meadows ward on Sunday named Stephanie and we are super excited to start teaching her! She is so awesome! We also go to meet with Faye again on Sunday, which I already mentioned earlier, so that was super great too! 

Sunday Dinner was THE BEST THING EVER! The Madsen family definitely spoiled us! I am usually not a vegetable person but I ate the veggies that they had prepared because that was pretty much all that they had. It was sooo good! They made us veggie ca-bobs and also chicken/grilled pineapple/bacon ca-bobs and they were to die for! After dinner we went to the Wilhelm's to do laundry and we played reverse charades with them! They are the sweetest family EVER! I love all of them! They have six kids and I have never seen them fight once! They are so great! 

I love my mission sooo much! It is the best! I love the people! I love Colorado! And I love this Gospel! It is true!!!! My time is almost up on this computer so I am going to wrap it up! I love you all so so much!!!! 


-Sis Morgan


Posted by Katie Morgan