MTC Hacks for Future Sisters

Here are all the things you need to know for the MTC!!!!! 

1. Buy a lanyard for the MTC! You'll need it. I promise. They have key cards that they give you to open every door at the MTC and so a lanyard is a complete life saver! 

2. BRING SHOWER SHOES! I won't go into too much detail.... but you'll need them. 

3. Bring a cozy robe with you! It's way easier to wear a robe to the showers than to have to worry about all your clothes.

4. Bring your own sheets and a soft blanket. The sheets at the MTC are kinda nasty and the blankets are super thin, so bring something warm and soft to curl up in! 

5. Pack some little decorations to hang up like pictures (bring lots of pics of your friends and family to hang up!! They really make you feel at home), quotes, small paintings, etc. I also brought some fabric pennant flags that we hung from bunk bed to bunk bed and that was super fun! The other decoration that I love is my felt board (ya know, the ones where you can use little letters to spell different things?!) I put a different uplifting quote of it every week! I also brought a little clock, a candle (You'll need this for the field... aka smelly apartments..) a little picture frame, and lots of journals! ALSO!! We hung up Christmas lights around our room and it was seriously the best thing ever!!! So bring a strand of Christmas lights, and then you can just leave them behind for the next Sisters that use your room! 

6. You NEED a Hydroflask! I brought two sizes and I use them both for different things. They keep ice in them for a full three days!!!! Best water bottle! 

7. Have your family send Dear Elders. They are like emails that you receive as letters and you get them the day that they are sent!! Super fun!

8. Nail polish is allowed! I go crazy if my nails look like crap so bring polish and stuff to take care of yourself! 

9. Have your lesson pamphlets bound at the copy center! The MTC gives you 8 packets that you use for lessons and it is super hard to keep them all organized, so go to the copy center and get them bound into one book! They also laminate it for you! 

10. Have your patriarchal blessing shrunk and laminated! You also get this done at the copy center! I got the bigger size! It literally costs two dollars and it fits perfectly in a quad or a Book of Mormon.

11. The New building are so great!!! They have ponder rooms in the south building where you can go study and they play really soft instrumental music! It is seriously so relaxing and the views are to die for! 

12. Go check out the Terrace on the other building! It is like a roof top garden with tons of places to sit and study and lots of flowers and trees! It was my favorite place to go at the end of the day to finish up Companionship/Personal Study! 

13. They also have study circles made out of rocks that are super fun to go to! Go check those out! 

14. Bring lots of dry shampoo! The showers get busy and sometimes you are just too dang tired to shower... so it's dry shampoo to the rescue! 

15. Print off some 30 min workouts from Pinterest and always use the gym below the MTC store! It is never busy and it is super nice! They always have lots of Mormon Messages playing and also the Joseph Smith movie! And they have the best bathrooms down there too! You'll see why... 

16. Bring a dictionary! Especially if your mission is not an iPad mission... like mine... I am constantly wanting to look up definitions.. Especially when I am reading Jesus the Christ! 

17. Bring hangers to the MTC!!! I don't care what blogs and the MTC website says... You need them! I had zero hangers when I got there! Lucky for me, I had awesome sisters in my district that shared! 

18. Bring stuff to do laundry, like tide pods, dryer sheets, spray and wash (I got the stick kind that looks like deodorant! It's the best!!!), and a tide pen! Also, never leave stuff in the washers or dryers all day.... I lost my favorite shirt:( Oh, and bring a laundry bag! You'll want that too! Some girls even had a collapsible laundry bin which seemed to be super helpful too! 

19. Bring a shower bag that is water proof! EVERYTHING gets wet in the showers! 

20. Emergen-C and Airborne are life savers for small colds! 

21. Bring lots of sticky notes and leave notes for your companion! Also, I likes to write down all of the funny things that happened or funny things that the sisters in my residence said and stick the sticky notes all over the back of our door!! haha

22. Bring a book to have everyone sign when you leave the MTC!!! 

23. Find the Cream Soda Tree! It is a tree that smells just like cream soda! I am not joking with you! 

24. Bring a big bag for all of your stuff! You will need so many things every day so a big bag is a MUST! 

25. Take the long routes to class and devotionals! The MTC campus is so big and fun to explore so enjoy your time outside! 

Now for the good stuff..... FOOD HACKS


26. Root Beer Floats! There are some days that they serve ice cream in the dining hall! Get a bowl of ice cream and then fill yourself up a glass of root beer! Combine them! And you have a root beer float!!!!!! 

27. Wrap Bar = Salad Bar. They have a wrap bar with lots of veggies that they put into tortillas for you! Ask them to do one without a tortilla and then just have them make it as a salad! 

28. Quesadillas! Go to the wrap bar and ask for just a tortilla with chicken and cheese! Then ask for a separate plate with Guac, Salsa, and Sour cream. Take the tortilla to a microwave and heat it for a minute! It is seriously the BEST!!!!!!!!

Here are just a few hacks that Sister Morgan found helpful in the MTC that she wanted to share!!

Posted by Katie Morgan