Flirt to Convert, Jail, and Bed Bugs!!

MONTH 2 // Hi Everyone! 

This week FLEW by! I can't believe that I am already emailing you all again! This week we said goodbye to President and Sister Rehm (pronounced Reem). It was so sad to see them go.. although I have only known then for a week.. It was super sad. I got to sing at their farewell meeting with a few other missionaries! We sang the Sisters in Zion/Armies of Helaman Meadley! It was super awesome! Afterwards we got to give both President and Sister Rehm hugs goodbye! So, President Rehm is the first guy that I have hugged in a month and will hug for another year and half..... bummer. Anyway, we also got to meet President and Sister Stevenson!!!! They are so awesome! I love them both already! I can't wait to get to know them better! We met them at a fireside on Sunday night and Sister Stevenson talked about her parents and their conversion story. Then, President Stevenson talked about our purpose as missionaries and how each of us must have our own "waters of Mormon" or a place where our belief became a conversion! I was so impressed by him! I really think that we lucked out! Heavenly Father definitely sent us some good ones! 

We do a whole lot of cooking and eating on the mission! Sister Anderson and I LOVE to cook and we love to go out! Her grandpa gives us $40 a month to go out to eat! So this week we went to Red Robin (with a member) and then Sister Andy took me to Panera too! It was so good! We also love to buy healthy food and make a lot of our own meals. Last P-day, we made the Elders banana bread and they went crazy! (it was mom's recipe). So then, the Elders asked me if I would make them some with chocolate chips! haha. So this week Sis Andy and I made them banana bread with chocolate chips. We are planning to take it with us to our P-day activity today! They are gonna die! We also made BBQ chicken salad this week which was super yummy in my stummy! (sis Tay's favorite saying) and we made 4th of July cookies that we are also taking with us for P-day! 

Yesterday... Sister Anderson and I got a referral from SLC and so we plugged in the address to our GPS and headed out to the middle of nowhere to take a Book of Mormon to a man! We finally got there and as we pulled in I realized that we weren't at a normal home.. we were pulling into the Colorado State Penitentiary.. or Jail... I was freaking out. We called the number on the referral and the woman said that the referral was for her fiance who is in jail and she asked us to go in and take the book to him.. which is SUPER not allowed.. But we decided to go to the front desk and ask about the best way to get him a Book of Mormon. We gathered up all of the courage that we had and said a prayer, then walked into the jail! It was super strange! I have literally NEVER stepped foot in a jail before but hey, there's a first time for everything right?!?! haha It was a pretty crazy experience! Hopefully we get everything worked out so that this man can get a Book of Mormon and turn his life around! 

The best thing that happened this week is that we got two new investigators!  They are sooo sweet!  They both came to our "Work of Salvation" fireside on Sunday night and they had the best time! There, they were able to hear the testimonies of recent and long time converts and hear about how the gospel has blessed their lives! It was super awesome! 

Tomorrow we are marching in the 4th of July Parade in the Springs and we also get to be at the LDS Missionary Booth! I am way excited!!! This 4th of July will definitely be one to remember! Today for P-day, we are planning to have a giant water balloon fight with our entire Zone! Thank you mom for the water balloons and for the great inspiration that you gave me! We are super excited!!!! I can't wait for this next week! It will be so awesome!!!!! 

I want you all to know that I know this Gospel is true! I have such a strong testimony of the Book or Mormon and my testimony grows each times that I read. I know that we have a loving Father in Heaven who knows each of us perfectly and provided a plan for us so that we may return to live with him again! I know that Christ lives and that he died for us. I know that he is the center of everything and that without him, nothing would be possible. He is the life and light of the world. I love Him! I know that this gospel is true without a doubt in my mind and my testimony is growing every single day! I love you all! Keep writing me and staying in touch with all that you are doing in your week! 

On the fourth of July, we were in the Monument Parade with about 100 other missionaries! It was sooo great! We were like celebrities up there! We drove all the way up to monument with the STLs which was super fun (Sister Training Leaders) and then we got to be in the parade and have lunch up there with the new mission president! He is so great by the way! When the parade was finally over, and lunch had ended, we drove back to the springs with the STLs and they dropped us off at our car. Immediately after we started driving, we realized that something was wrong.. the car would not get up to more than 20 mph.. we called tons of people and none of them answered except for our amazing Zone Leaders.. but they were about to head to dinner so they were of no help.. We decided to drive it home super slowly, even though we were really far away from our apartment.. long story short, we finally got it home and were parked for the rest of the night.. Some super awesome members came and picked us up and took us to our 4th of July party with a handful of families from the Broadmoor ward, and it turned out to be a pretty great 4th!  As we were heading to bed, we could see dozens of fireworks from our balcony. We have the most beautiful view of the whole valley and were able to see so many of the fireworks from all over! That moment was the first time that I felt homesick. I thought of you all sitting at the fireworks with everybody and I really wished that I was with you all! 

On Wednesday we got a new car.... goodbye 2017 Corolla:( anyway.. about the new car.... WE HATE IT! IT IS THE WORST CAR EVER MADE!!!!!!! It is a Chevy Cruise...  the A/C is broken.. the Gas gauge is WAYYYY off.... our pedals make farting noises constantly.. and the the lock button is suuuuppper hard to find!!! The only good thing about our car is that our TIWI is broken.. (TIWI is a little device that tracks our driving violations and our speed) Sooo YAY! but also.. it is the worst car EVER! 

So we also got to go to the soup kitchen again! But this time we scraped dishes... I'm not gonna lie.. It was rough.. I officially felt like I was about to throw up the entire time.. But service is always good and always makes me feel good. We saw three new born babies that came through and it literally broke my heart!!! I wish I could take all of them home!

On Thursday, we volunteered at the zoo again and afterwards we went up to the Shrine! Apparently it was built in remembrance for the man that started this town! He built it for himself and the people really hated him for it, so they renamed it and dedicated it to a man named Will Rogers! Go google pics of it!! It is so beautiful! There are bells that play classic songs and harmonize with the bells at the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel just across the way. It is the most gorgeous thing I have ever heard!!! We will definitely go visit there when we go back after I am done serving! You can see the entire valley, and all the way out to Kansas and it is breathtaking!

We also got to teach the African refugees again which was great! They didn't need tons of help teaching them though so we just played with a bunch of them in the church gym while their parents learned. It was a blast.. except for when the little boys started throwing things at us.. and one little boy accidently stepped on my baby toe and I seriously think it's broken..... It is sooo purple and gross! haha

Okk... So I got asked on a date... LOL! Here is what happened. Sister Anderson and I were at an appointment with an investigator and on our way home I felt impressed to stop by a certain apartment building that we had passed on our way to the appointment. When we pulled up, we say a young adult male BBQing. So we went up and began to talk to him! We gave him a Book of Mormon and a card with our number and told him to call us if he had any questions.. So anyway.. a day later, he texted us and told us how beautiful he thinks we are and then asked us to go on a hike with him this week..... Flirt to Convert RIGHT?!?! hahahah. We got a good laugh out of that one! 

EXCHANGES!!!!! On Saturday, I began my first exchange with my STL, Sister Clawson! She is sooo cute! Me and her are A LOT alike! (exchanges are just where you go out with a new companion for one day!) We decided to do a ton of finding during our exchange! We began the day by going to a Baptism! After that, we went tracting and did lots of stop bys! That night we were about to head over to a Stake picnic and we had about 20 minutes before we needed to leave so we decided to tract in our building for 20 mins before we went. I said a prayer and prayed very specifically that we would be able to hand out three pass along cards with our number and one Book of Mormon. And I also prayed that we would find young adults.. My goal was a little far fetched.. but I just really wanted to test my faith! We began tracting, and almost immediately we found four young adults from India who are here in CO, working at the Broadmoor Hotel! They are all Hindu and so they know nothing about the Bible at all, and nothing about Christ. So we got to know them and ended up giving them the only two Books of Mormon that we had.. and we gave each of them a pass along card. (so we gave out four pass along cards and two Books of Mormon, one more of each than we had planned!) By the time we left, they were fighting over who got to read the Book first! They are all going to begin taking the lessons and we are SOOOO STOKED!!!! We then headed to the Stake picnic and got to talk to tons of people and build relationships! I was just so grateful for Sister Clawson the entire day!!! She taught me soooo much and I am so excited to continue in the work! To end our exchange, we went to Amy's Donuts! It was TO DIE FOR! We will definitely go there when we all come back to visit too! They have every kind of donut that you could imagine! I got the Nutella Crumble!!! Are you surprised?!?! Just keep the packages with nutella comin'! They are much appreciated! Anyway! That donut was life changing! I will definitely be going back! 

Today was P-day! Yay!! We began the day by going on what was supposed to be a hike.. but turned into us just going into a cave... It was FREAKY! There were homeless people's stuff left everywhere and it was super deep and narrow. I was freaking out! We also got to go ice skating which was super fun! We went with almost our whole zone and had the best time! It was the first time I have ever been ice skating without holding a guy's hand! hahahahah! Welcome to mission life! We have had such a fun day! I am sad to see it come to an end.. but tomorrow and the rest of this week will be great, and before I know it, I will be emailing y'all again! 

I just want you all to know how much I love the gospel! I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart and I can feel myself growing closer to him each day! I encourage each of you too do the same! Grow closer to him every single day! I love you all so much and pray for you daily! Keep enduring to the end!

so...... my worst nightmare has come true.. WE HAVE BED BUGS!! I'll be honest.. I always kinda thought that bed bugs were fake.. It's probably because mom has those funny pillows that say "Goodnight sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite". I never actually thought that people seriously got bed bug bites... But I have the bites to prove that they are indeed real! So we began to search our apartment for signs of bugs!! We didn't see anything for the longest time then, out of no where, there was a huge bed bug on our wall! We both screamed and then started to laugh/cry. haha It was totally a mix of emotions. We had been kinda joking about the idea of having bed bugs but never in a million years did I think we would actually find one. It was a HUGE full grown, black bed bug!!!! I seriously died when I thought of that thing biting my face!!!!!! After I calmed down a bit, we began looking again.. we found one more bug in my box spring that was not full grown yet, so it was still a rusty brown color... NASTY! 

 The next day we washed EVERYTHING, packed up everything from our apartment into three cars (the Elders helped) and we moved to a temporary apartment that is wayyyy outside our area.. When we got there we realized that it was completely empty, no furniture whatsoever.. and since we couldn't take any of our bug-infested furniture with us, we had to borrow camping chairs from a family in the ward. Bless their hearts! So this entire week, we have been living out of garbage sacks and sitting on camping chairs! hahahah it's been kinds rough... we have been cooking in the tiniest kitchen on the planet that is full of roaches so that's fun... haha oh, and we have no microwave... which is definitely a challenge. I am just so ready to move somewhere permanent again.. We will most likely move back into our old apartment tomorrow after it has been fumigated.. PRAY FOR US! And also send more Nutella, cause Nutella makes EVERYTHING better! 

This week has also been a really good week though. We went through our entire teaching pool and decided to stop seeing tons of people who are not progressing, then we made lots of plans for finding. We have been so blessed because of this.. we got a new investigator who is GOLDEN! She has been attending church for about three months and is now ready to meet with missionaries! She found out what ward she is actually in and the missionaries from the ward she was attending told us to contact her! She is so sweet and is ready to progress towards baptism! 

On Sunday, we had 7 investigators at church and 4 less actives! We were SOOO EXCITED I could barely contain myself!!!!!! I am so proud of all of them! One of our less actives really wants to get to the temple this month, which means that if we can get her ready, we get to go with her!!!! YAYYYY! Let's hope that she can get there cause I am dying to go! It would be the best experience in the world to be in the temple with her! She reminds me so much of grandma! 

I just absolutely love it here in Colorado! The weather is bipolar hahah and there are deer everywhere! Like everywhere! I probably see 30+ deer each week just wandering around people's yards and the streets and stuff! hahahah! They are just so used to people getting close to them that they don't even flinch when we get near them. I have been probably 5 feet from three bucks and they didn't move an inch! It was freaky! haha but they are such beautiful and gentle animals! I love it! And like I said, the weather is super bipolar! It will be 80 degrees one second and then all of the sudden it starts to downpour.. it pretty much rains every day here which I love! It is so fun!!! I can't wait for all of you to come back here with me to explore CO! 

I want you all to know how much I love Jesus Christ! He is my rock and my redeemer! He performed the greatest gift, the gift of the Atonement, and for that I am forever grateful! I strive to be more like him every single day and I would ask that all of you do the same! I know that as we seek strength from him, he will lift us up! He is my everything, and I love him with all my heart! 

Have a great week! I love you all so much! And make sure to pray that the bed bugs don't bite me again!!!! 

So we finally are back in our new apartment after having bed bugs... The day that we moved back in was kinda a crazy one! We woke up and went to head out the door of our temporary apartment and the lock was broken... So we couldn't leave... and we had to go meet the bed bug guys and so we were super stressed.. then, we walked outside and we saw that we had a flat tire!!!! We were both super angry and stressed! We called some Elders to come fix our flat (The just put on the donut tire) and then we had our lock changed! When we finally got to our bed bug apartment, the guy was about half way done.. so we headed back to our temporary apartment to get all of our stuff to move back in to our old apartment again! hahah are you confused yet?!?! Anyway, so we got everything packed into our three vehicles and we headed back to Broadmoor area where our apartment is.. When we were about halfway there, Sister Anderson and I noticed the sound of Oatmeal spilling all over our car... I'm not gonna name names.. but one of the Elders put a box in the wrong way..  So Sister Anderson freaked out and told me to pull over so that she could fix it! We pulled over into a random parking lot and she ran around to fix that oatmeal.. that had spilled all over our backseat!!!! Right as she got out, a man walked out from a tire shop that we happened to be parked by. He said, "Are you ladies ok?" and we answered and said, "Yes!!" In kinda a crabby tone.. Then he said, "Are you Mormons?" and suddenly our tones changed as we realized that we are still missionaries, "Yes!" we said sweetly! He then asked us about our tire and we told him about the day that we had. He then took a quick look at it and said, I will fix your tire for you! No charge! We were both in shock! We asked him why he would do that for us?! He answered and said, "Well, I am not a mormon, but I really admire what you guys do! I want to fix it for you! So, he then began to take off our tire and fix it! He soon realized that we had a three inch screw in our tire and that it would be impossible to fix.. so he decided to give us a used tire for free instead. He told us that he had almost sold it to a man this morning, but that something told him that he should not sell it, and set it aside instead! TENDER MERCY! We had been feeling like God had forgotten us... first the bed bugs, then the lock braking, then the flat tire... As soon as this huge blessing came our way, we were so overwhelmed with gratitude to our Heavenly Father! I will never doubt His presence in my life again!!! 

Ok... That story was pretty long.. but it was a super great moment from my week last week! Last week we also did service at the soup kitchen again where I had the pleasure of serving something called, "Beanie Weenies" ..... Yea... it was beans and hotdogs. EW.. But I always love going there and helping the sweet people that come in! Seeing them makes me so grateful for all that I have been given and for the gospel especially! 

Last week, we taught district meeting and taught about Charity! We all passed papers around and wrote down things that we love about each other! It was SOO FUN! You guys should all do it! It was definitely a confidence booster! haha

Also, a highlight from this week was when our fav member EVER, bought us a watermelon! haha and mango Popsicles! Aww we love her! She found out that we only get $150 dollars a month and immediately was like, "I'm getting you a watermelon!" hahah she is seriously my fav! And her kids are so awesome too! Her little girl made us laugh sooo hard at a ward party this week! She bit a chicken leg bone clean in half! She's six and sooo feisty! hahah

On the 24th, we hiked the INCLINE! Go google it! It's insane! It is about a mile up and it's all steps made out of railroad ties. It was the hardest thing EVER! The view was amazing! It was seriously so much fun! We all need to do the incline when you guys come back to visit! Later that day, we went to Costa Vida with a member and the whole time I was just trying to pretend like I was at Cafe' Rio! haha! It actually worked! It was super good! We also went to Macaroni Grill this week with some members that TOTALLY spoiled us!

We did service at the zoo again on the 27th... and this time we had to stack hay.... apparently.. I am allergic to hay cause I sneezed about 100 time! No exaggeration here! I was miserable! Then, the next morning, our entire district woke up at 6:00 A.M. and went to do service for some non-members in the Broadoor area! They have a huge swamp in their backyard that is full of nasty crap and our job was to clear out branches from the swamp! So within 2 mins, we were all completely covered in mud! The morning turned into a mud fight and we got hundreds of branches moved! It was so fun and the best part was that it rained on us the entire time! I actually really loved it because it kept us cool! It has been raining a lot this week actually, like every day! I am loving it! After service, we all went to iHOP and got breakfast! I got red velvet pancakes, of course! 

This Monday we decided to hike (stroll) up to Graffiti Falls and we walked around there for a bit, then we got some lunch and went back to the church to play games! Cover Your Assets is a WINNER! I Won of course! What else would you expect;) just kidding.. Mike beats me 90% of the time anyway.. So yea! That was our week! It has been the best transfer that I could have imagined! I have loved every minute of it! 

I want you all to know that I know this gospel is true! Joseph Smith truly did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ! And he was the one chosen to restore the gospel to the earth! He translated the Book of Mormon and its words and teachings are true! They are from God and they are necessary in our journey through this mortal life! Christ lives! His Atoning Sacrifice is real! I love him with all of my heart, and through him, I am becoming the missionary and person that he wants me to be! God is our loving Father and he is always there for each of us! He has a plan for us and he knows best! Never forget that! 

I love you all so much! Have the best week! I still can't believe that you went to San Diego without me! :) 


- Sis Morgan

This is just a compilation of all of the emails and pictures we have received this past month!! Sister Morgan is doing great and absolutely loving her mission!! 

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