Summer Updates


Hi Everyone! It is soooo hot! It has been above 96 degrees ALL WEEK! So HOT! 

So this week we had a meeting with about half the mission up in the Springs which was long but it is always really fun to see the people I love! So many missionaries there! And we were given the gift of a BRAND NEW TOYOTA COROLLA! It is a BEAUT! I drove away with it having 18 miles on the odo! How cool is that! It is so fun!! That night, when we got home, we sat on a blanket in our yard on the grass and read the "infinite atonement" together. Such a good book! You should all read it! Then some members brought us Pizza and it felt like heaven! Studies and pizza picnic! 

The other major thing that happened this week was when we spent the whole day planning Julia's baptism and then got home to find out that Julia had called... We called her back and she asked us if we could push it back a week because her husband and son were sick.. it was kinda sad but we were able to reschedule it all after a couple hours of phone calls. We are just glad that she will still be getting baptized! She will officially be baptized on the 23rd now instead of the 16th! 

I am so grateful for this amazing work! i love it so much! Also, attached is a fun video for ya cause if you didn't know.. Sis Price and I are secretly 007! 

Have a great week! i love you all! 



Hi Everyone! I hope you had a fun Father's day! I missed you a lot!!! 

I pretty much just want to talk about the mission tour! It was amazing! We had Elder and Sister Martinez here! Such an amazing couple! I was able to have an interview with Elder Martinez and it was powerful! He asked me about each of you and especially asked questions about Mom! I told him that Mom is perfect and that I long to be like her! At the end, he asked me to write a letter to my family and bring it to him the following day so that he could hand deliver it to you all when they get back to Salt Lake! There are so many perks of living in Utah, let me tell ya! He was so sincere and kind and told me everything that I needed to hear! Such a spiritual giant! 

He talked a lot about obedience in his lessons to the missionaries and something that he said really hit me. He said that there is a difference between perfect obedience and exact obedience. It is impossible to be perfect on this earth but we can be exact. When we were exactly obedient it means that we are never openly disobeying and we are trying our best! He said that exact obedience doesn't mean that we never make mistakes but that we know how to repent and improve! I loved that cause I sometimes get so down on myself when I feel like I am not doing good enough.. I know though that as long as each one of us is trying to be obedient in all that we do and we are repenting for our shortcomings. that is good enough for the Lord. We are here to make mistakes and then to learn from them, it is part of life! 

This p-day we went to the Pueblo Zoo with the Alvey family! It was a blast! I will add pics and videos of it!! I hope you like them! We had so much fun! 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!! 



Hey Everyone! 

So this week, Julia was baptized! It was so amazing! She was glowing! It was such a happy day! Afterwards we drove up to the Springs and went to Sarah's baptism.. It was so amazing! I taught Sarah and her family a year ago and she is the last one to be baptized! She is Eliana and Isaac's mom!!! Donovan, the dad, baptized her and it was so amazing! I was crying my eyes out! So yes! Two baptism in one week = happy Sister Morgan! 

I am so happy to be a missionary! I have realized this week that this time is so short and I feel so grateful for every second that I have to teach and serve and love. 

This week was also Sister Price's Birthday!!!! So I made her Swig Cookies and we had a little breakfast that morning with the members that we live with! That night, we slept in a tent in the backyard!!! Brother Jensen set it up for us and it was so fun! It felt like we were camping!!! SOOO FUN! I just love Sister Price! She is seriously my best friend! I am so lucky to have her! 

Here are some fun pics for ya!

I love you all so much!!!!!! Have an amazing week! 


Hi Fam! 

I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED AND I WILL BE FLUSH TRAINING!!!! So I am leaving tomorrow morning and heading for the Springs once more! I will be serving in North CS in the Jackson Creek and High Forest areas! 

I am so excited/nervous to meet my new girl! It will be so fun to train again but also hard cause there are now so many changes to the training program.. 

Sister Price and I have been way sad this week though cause we literally are BEST FRIENDS. I am not kidding.. I will be close with her FOREVER! We have laughed so hard this week and also cried so hard! I will miss her so much!! 

We have been busy this week with lots of lessons and packing and stuff. The hardest part of this week for me was saying goodbye to the people of Pueblo who I love so much! The Jensen's goodbye was soooo hard! I love them so much and will miss them dearly. I cried so hard! 

This week we also got to do some family history work with the ladies that we are helping work towards receiving their endowments! I can't wait for them to go to the temple! They will love it so much! 

Another fav moment this week was when Vanessa took us to lunch! She wanted to say thanks to us for teaching her so she took us to a fancy place in downtown Pueblo called Table 67 that is right on the Riverwalk! It was so good! I ordered the Monte Cristo sandwich and it was to die for!!!!! Ah! So good! Then we got ice cream at Hopscotch bakery! YUM! I can't wait to bring you all to Pueblo and all throughout my mission so that you can see where I have been serving for the past 13 months! 

Oh that is another thing... I hit 13 months this week! YAY! Time is flying soooo fast! I never realized how fast months go until I came on a mission! 

I love you all! I hope you have a great week! Sorry this email was short but I want to spend as much time with Sister Price as I can!!! 

Love you



Hey everybody! 

What a week! So on Tuesday we had transfers and they lasted ALL DAY... My new trainee is Sister Weber! She is from Connecticut and is so fun! She is shorter than me and is half Italian! SO she makes way good food! We drove to our new area that night and got lost but finally pulled into our new apartment! BRAND NEW AND GORGEOUS! Like seriously soooo nice! WOW! I was blown away! Everything is new! It has never been lived in before! 

We have been "flushing" the ward this whole week! It has been hard work but I love it! I feel so accomplished! 

ALSO, HAPPY FOURTH! We marched in the Monument Parade on the 4th and passed out lots and lots of candy! It was so fun! I was in the Parade last year and man did that year go by fast or what?!?! Crazy! I can't believe it! Anyways, It rained a lot this week so no fireworks but that's okay! It was a fun week regardless! I love rain too so that's good! 

We saw a really cool miracle this week!!!! We went tracting this week and we set a goal to find a mom with kids between 1:15 to 1:30. And low and behold, right at 1:30, a mom answered the door and had children in the back. She didn't want a Book of Mormon but she was just moving in so we offered to help her! She took our number and said that she would really love that! She said she would call us! So hopefully we can use the Ammon principle and convert her through service;) 

We also have had a TON of members offering us referrals! SO FUN! I love this work!!!! 

We had something way funny happen this week.. kinda embarrassing but I will share it anyway! LOL! So we were trying to start our dishwasher and we couldn't find detergent so being stupid and naïve.. we put dish soap in the dishwasher.. you can probably guess what happened next.. we left for an appointment and when we came back it was SUDS CITY! Like our whole kitchen floor was covered in bubbles! I grabbed some towels and started trying to soak it all up! It was hilarious! hahahhahaah I was laughing so hard! What a day! hahahahahah! I wish you all could have witnessed it! I definitely learned my lesson with that one! LOL

Anyways, the rest of the week was pretty normal, just getting used to a new area! I am really loving it here already! I feel so blessed!!! 

Love you all!!!! 


Hi Guys!!!! 

Great week!! The wards here are amazing and they are ready to do missionary work! We are so excited! 

This week we did a blitz and I went with Sister Brown to tract for a bit! When we started, we noticed that there was a salesman knocking on doors on the same street and at first we were pretty annoyed cause he was going to all of the doors that we had planned to knock on.. Then, when he got closer, I said, "hey, which way are you heading?" He was very kind and offered to knock doors in a different area.. But I jokingly responded, "No, No, I am sure that all of these people need Jesus and whatever you're selling!" This made him laugh and we started to talk to him! He told us about his religious background and about how he has had a lot of his friends serve missions. Then before we could even talk about the Book of Mormon he said, "Could you maybe tell me more about what you believe?" We began to tell him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon and we handed him his own copy. He then said, "is there a time that you can teach me more about this?" I was blown away by how prepared he was! We got his number and are excited to talk to him more!!! 

The saddest part of this week was the baby bird.. So when Sister Weber and I moved into our new apartment there were 4 little baby birds in a nest out on our balcony! We loved watching them as we studied and they became part of our little mission family.. haha. Anyway, this week, we noticed that one of them stopped moving.. He just would lay there and this was very odd. We soon realized that he had passed on to little bird heaven. After another day or so, we started to see that his brothers and sisters were pecking at his rotting body so we knew that we needed to do something. We called the other sisters in our district to come by and what followed was both hilarious and wayyy sad.. So I got one of our dining chairs and put plastic bags on the legs and then we took it out onto our balcony. (the plastic bags were so we didn't get bird poop on our chair. Our deck is covered in it) anyway, then Sister Suifanua put about 10 begs over her hand and got up on the chair to reach the nest. She tried a couple times to get the little guy out of the nest and finally had to pull really hard. This scared the other 3 birds and two of the three flew away!!!! They like lea rned how to fly early cause they were so scared of this huge plastic bag glob coming at them! We were all so scared when the other birds freaked out and flew away that she didn't get it all the way out of the nest. When we looked back up, the little guy was a hanging, rotting mess that was coming out of the next and hanging by one leg. Sister Brown went up next and had to pull his leg off to get him out! It was SO SAD! Worst thing ever! we just had to leave his other leg in the nest cause we couldn't get it... So RIP baby bird! We loved you! 

Anyways, everything is going great! I love the area and we are having a lot of fun! Thanks to all of you for all of your love and support! Bring on the next 5 months!!!!! I can't wait! 

Have a great week! I love you! 



Hey everybody! This might be short sorry.. I just don't have a ton of time.. 

This week was a tough one.. I haven't felt great health wise but I am hoping that next week will be better! 

We did however get a new investigator! She is here for the Summer from France! So so speaks French! how cool is that! It is probably because y'all are in France so we were blessed with a French Investigator!! So Fun! We can't wait to teach her! 

We volunteered this week to help with the huge youth celebration which was awesome! We loved being able to get to know all of the youth from three stakes in the springs! It was wild! 

We are officially half way through this transfer and that is just crazy to me because I feel like it just started! 

The other exciting thing from this week is that we have started to do family mission plans with all of the families in our wards and everyone is so excited about it! We are also going to do a ward fast!! YAY! I can't wait to see the miracles come because of the faith of the wards! 

I love you all so much! Sorry for the short email! I will make up for it next week!

The church is true!!!!! 



Hi everyone!!!! 

This week was good! 

So we met a new potential investigator this week that is connected to a member! It was really exciting! The members here are going to be our ticket to success! 

We also got a new family to teach and we are really excited about it! They are members but just want us to come and strengthen their family! We can't wait!!! 

We are still teaching our French girl! She is adorable!!! We love her! She is very spiritual and loves to learn about God. We also took her to a big Youth Celebration thing that was put on by three stakes in the Springs! It was a party and so much fun! She loved it! It was like a dance festival with lots of singing and dancing and music! 

When Sunday finally rolled around, I was spiritually hungry. It felt so good to go to 6 hours of church and be so spiritually fed! I needed it! I love the gospel and I love Jesus Christ! 

I am so grateful for all of your love and prayers! Have a great week and fly home from Europe safely!! 



Hey everyone!!! This week was so great! 

We decided to use service as a finding approach and so we made homemade bread and took it to a family that the Elders had tracted into during a blitz. The family welcomed us in and talked to us and our ward missionaries for a long time! it was so amazing to see how the spirit of service touched their hearts! We ended up getting their whole family as people to teach, so NEW INVESTIGATORS!! yay! 

Then we took bread to another potential investigator and we got another NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!! YAY! It was so great! I just love people! We can't wait to teach all these guys! Especially the family because they are just so awesome and ready to learn! 

We started to do service this week at a thrift store and it was so much fun! I loved it! Then they let us shop after and take whatever we wanted and it was the best time! They do so much good for the community and we were so happy to help and felt blessed to be a part of it! 

We had a great lesson with our investigator Mark this week as well! And a couple other awesome lessons with some less active families. We are starting to get the hang of the area and it is exciting!!!

 So yes, we are seeing lots of miracles and I am having so much fun in this area!! I love you all! You are the greatest family I could ever ask for! 

Have a great week!!!! And give Mike lots of hugs for me before he leaves to go to the MTC! 



Hello guys! 

So this week was good! I went to the Dr and got medication finally and hopefully I will start to heal! It gives me really bad headaches and so I am just praying that those start to subside.. 

We have been teaching a lot which is fun and we got to set up a lot of new appointments this week for the upcoming week! 

Also, the Sisters in the neighboring ward (Sis brown and Sis siufanua) were really sick this week so we got to check in on them a lot and bring them medicine and stuff:) I felt like a mom 100% hahah! 

Sorry I don't have tons of time on the computer today but the bottom line of this week is that we worked hard and we were Both exhausted by the end of the week.. We have a lot of people progressing and we're seeing changes in the mindset of the members! They are amazing and are so exited to do missionary work! We are looking forward to see what the future brings for this area! 

One of the highlights of my week was being able to video call into a lesson with an investigator from the Soaring Eagles ward! I served there like 9 months ago but it was so fun to see her again! And she set a baptism date!!! yay! I can't wait! 

I love you all so much! I hope you have an amazing week! Make sure to hug Michael a lot for me! I am going to miss him so much!!!! and someone record his farewell for me pls! hahah



p.s. I guess it is a new thing in the mission to spell my name 'Abi' hahaah I kinda like it;) 


Hey guys! So it has been raining like crazy this week!!!! 

So one of the funniest things happened this week! hahahah! We decided to go tracting with our district and as we started we could see some clouds moving in.. In my head I wasn't worried one but cause it never rains for more than 10-15 minutes in Colorado and then it turns sunny again. Anyways, so we tracted about 5 minutes and it started sprinkling.. I still wasn't worried. Then about 10 minutes later it started to downpour. This went on for 45-60 minutes! It was so funny! It felt like I was in the shower! No joke! We were laughing so hard and dancing in the rain. Then we met back up with the Elders and they were soaked all the way through! hahahah! Their white shirts were stuck to their skin like glue! It was hilarious! But we found 2 New Investigators! It much be something about Tracting in the rain that brings miracles! ahhahahah 

We also got to do service this week at a cute little thrift shop! We love the whole environment there! It is a blast! They are so so nice and give each of their volunteers $4 to spend at the end of their shirt! So we love it cause we also get to shop when we go! 

This week was also fun because we got to have dinner out with members two nights this week! One night we went to Olive Garden and the other night we went to Texas Roadhouse! It was so nice! I ate soooo many rolls! hahahah! And then another night we got to pick fresh raspberries for dinner at a members home! I just love it here so much! Monument is like the most perfect little town! So cute!! 

Our other new investigator was a man that came to church for the first time. He just showed up on Sunday and it was awesome!! His wife is a member so we were so excited to see them!!! 

Anyways, life is good! My health is improving a lot!!! I am so excited for Michael and thank you all for sending me his farewell talk! Give him lots of hugs before he leaves for me okay?? 

I love you all! Have a great week! 


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