Grateful for the Gospel

Hello My Family! 

This week was one of the best! It started out kinda crappy... but soooo many blessings have come! 

Last Monday, we went to lunch with Lynn and Chance at Mod Pizza and she wore her ring in public for the first time!!! YAY! I am so happy that they are engaged! They are perfect for each other! Then we met up with a bunch of missionaries and we all painted pumpkins together and that was just the artistic outlet that I needed! I will send pics of my pumpkin!!! Stephanie and Quanda cancelled on us again that night and I began to get super super sad about their whole situation... But I decided that all I can do is encourage them and pray for them daily! At the end of the night I began to get even more sick and I started coughing really hard. The Elders that live near us were so nice and brought me over some cough drops and NyQuil and I slept like a baby! 

The next morning, on Tuesday, I woke up coughing again and felt like I had been hit by a train... 

Tuesday was probably my most rough day.. we got through a couple of lessons but the whole time I felt like I was going to fall over!

Wednesday we skipped out on the soup kitchen since I knew they wouldn't want me serving food if I was sick... and we just did a bunch of studies and I got some extra, much needed rest! We then had a lesson with Sister Wickel and she invited her friend named Leah to come and listen to our lesson! Leah recently lost her mom and was really needing some answers! She listened to our lesson and asked us to meet with her again! So, we got a NEW INVESTIGATOR!!! She is amazing! We then went to dinner at the Maddox family's home and Brother Maddox told us all about a woman who is less-active and is really struggling. We texted her and sat up a time to meet with her as well and are very excited to get to know her and help her out with all that she is going through!

Thursday we went to the zoo and then went to Panda Express afterwards with our district.. and the whole time all that I could think was, "Dragon Diner is soooo much better!" hahah. We also got to have another lesson with Delvin and we totally thought that he was going to drop us, but we were able to answer his questions and we are taking him on a church tour with us on Tuesday of next week! We are really excited for him to continue to learn more about the gospel!  Thursday night was a PARTY! We had a relief society activity and we learned all about self defense! We have to best RS President who was a cop and a private detective and in the FBI and stuff so she knows how to wreck anyone who is trying to hurt her! She taught all the ladies in the ward how to defend themselves and the best part was to see all the old ladies throwin' down! It was easily one of the best activities I have ever been too! 

Friday was really fun! We had District meeting, taught Steven and also Norma and then began our exchanges with the STLs! I was with Sister Masima! She is from Samoa!!! I love her! We stayed up until 1:30 talking! hahahha! And I don't even know how?!?!! she is the best! 

Saturday was EXCHANGES! We had the most wonderful day together! We began our exchange by cleaning the church! (The Elders signed us up without telling us.. so we got a call the night before, reminding us that we were cleaning the church the next day.. The Elders got an earful from me.. but we still went and cleaned!) It was really fun to serve and Lynn and Chance came again this week as well as Sister Wickel, the less-active lady that we are working with!

After that, we met with Norma and did family history with her and Sister Maddox! I felt such a strong spirit as we found that Norma's two daughters, who have passed, have not yet had their temple work done. So Norma gets to go through the temple for her daughters! awww! I am so excited for this! I can't wait to do family history when I get home! My patriarchal blessing promises me that I will discover a desire to identify my family members and do their temple work! And I have definitely discovered that desire!

Then we met with Lynn and Chance and had a wonderful lesson! We told Chance that he is more than welcome to move his date up if he felt prompted and he told us that he would pray about it! Lynn also told us that Chance and her decided that they were going to fast and pray to know if the Lord approved of their engagement and plans to be married! So while we were there, they started a 24 hour fast together! I am so proud of both of them for being so diligent and obedient in all that they do! We then went to a transition lesson, did some work at the church for 30ish minutes to prepare for our upcoming baptism, and then went to Sister Wickels to meet with just Leah! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she lit up! As we were teaching her, the spirit whispered to me that she is ready to be baptized! I began to extend the baptismal invitation to her and before I could even get my sentence out, she said, "YES!!!" AHHH! We then asked her about a date and she said that the 28th sounded like a good date to her! Which is only two weeks away but I know that she will be ready by then and we are soooo excited for her! She is so prepared for this! We then got to go to Sister Wilhelm's after we exchanged back and we got to celebrate her birthday with her! They had a huge party with lots of friends and family and I felt right at home! After the party we went to teach Safi and Rehema and Nice, the refugees! We taught them about the Plan of Salvation (very simplified of course) and then invited them to be baptized! Safi told us that he would be baptized as soon as we started following ALL of the commandments. I asked him which commandments we weren't following and he said that we aren't keeping the Sabbath day holy. In their religion they believe the Sabbath to be on Saturday.. So we explained to them that we believe Sunday to be the Sabbath day.. and that just turned into a little argument. hahaha! Any ideas on how to help them understand this?? I got nothing! hahah

Sunday was AMAZING! We had 17 people at church and those include investigators, less-actives, and recent converts! I felt like I was running around all Sunday like a chicken with his head cut off.. but we ended up having a really amazing day! Leah was at church and loved it! Lynn and Chance were also there! And the Broadmoor ward had their primary program which was all organized by the one and only Isabelle Wilhelm! It was so wonderful! Halfway through our first sacrament meeting, Stephanie texted us and told us that she wasn't coming... I had had ENOUGH! I grabbed Sister Allen and we left the meeting and went out in the hall! I called Stephanie immediately and said, "Stephanie, you are coming to church today! We all miss you so much and you will be blessed for coming, so I will tell Sister Betts to pick you up at 10:45! Ok" she then said, "Okk... I will come, but I don't think Quanda will..." And I responded, "Nope, Quanda is coming too! We will see you soon!" hahhahaha I don't know what got into me! But about an hour later, as the Cheyenne Meadows ward was beginning, in walked Stephanie and TyQuanda! They both thanked me again and again the whole day for making them come to church and they said that they never want to miss again! I was so happy!!! This was their first time coming since their baptism a month ago! We also had many others there and the spirit was so strong in all of our meetings! Rehema and Nice were even there! Nice was so cute and held my hand everywhere we went in the building! And Rehema loved all of the singing that we did! That night, we had dinner with Sister Cook and Sister Hall who are two single ladies in our ward! (*all the single ladies, all the single ladies*) it was a blast! It felt like we were all just girlfriends having lunch! They are the best! We shared a message with them and they told us how excited they are about sharing the gospel with their friends and neighbors! They told us experiences that they have been having and they got more excited after hearing our message! 

Overall, this week brought forth so many miracles!!!! We are having 4 baptisms in the next two weeks and I feel totally overwhelmed but can hardly wait for them! I am so grateful to the Lord for blessing us with this success. It is not me or Sister Allen who is baptizing, it is the Lord! This is his great work! I am just so grateful to be a small part of it! 

The Gospel is true! I know it! and I love it so much! Have the most incredible week!!! I love you all and miss you like crazy! 



Hey Family!!! 

First of all... You should all know that I ate at Chick-fil-a two times this week and it was amazing!!!!!! 

Also, We got two new investigators and Isaac was Baptized and Confirmed!!!! YAY! 

Monday we went on a hike to balance rock! It was super fun and we played capture the flag over all the red rocks with a bunch of other missionaries! It was so much fun! 

Tuesday was crazy and nothing went as planned.. hahah this whole week was kinda that way.. but that is just how baptism weeks are.. Lynn's dad had a stroke so we had to rush to help Lynn! She drove to Arizona and is just super sad cause Chance is gone:( and then we offered to take care of her cat Bebe all week by just going in and feeding her once a day! We then tried to go to a lesson with Isaac and the Sisneros for Isaac's last lesson before baptism and Lynn called again and realized that she forgot her military ID(she had to check out before she left town.) and needed us to run get it for her! So we had to have the Elders teach Isaac's lesson and we went to help Lynn! Crazy crazy day but a good one for sure! We ended up by Mod Pizza (That was where we met Lynn to give her the ID that she left..) so we just decided to go there for dinner! hahahha! YUMMMM! Afterwards we went to our ward trunk-or-treat and I was just wearing normal proselyting clothes cause we aren't allowed to dress up.. I wore a black and white gingham checked shirt and a white skirt with overall straps. My hair was kinda braided back and held back by a big brown bow..  So I walk into the trunk-or-treat and everyone that I talk to says.. "Awww.. you're Dorothy?! That is sooo cute!" And I kept saying.. "Ohhh no, I am just me.. like these are just my clothes.. I am not allowed to dress up." hahahah but honestly I bet 15 people came up to me thinking I was Dorothy! And even a couple that thought I was a pioneer which was kinda offensive.. hahaha! It was just so funny because I have literally been Dorothy for the past 5 years for Halloween! hahaha! (my costumes from 9th grade still fits! Ruby slippers and all!)

Wednesday was much like Tuesday.. We had a bunch of our plans change and we did super fun service for a foundation called "Feed my Starving Children" It is a really amazing foundation that packages meals for children in third-world countries! Wednesday was also when we found our new investigator Adrian! He is so cool!!! he was lighting a cigarette when we found him.. haha but that's nothing too hard to overcome! He talked to us a lot about the Book of Mormon and then accepted a copy! And we even got to pray with him! I am so excited to teach him again! 

Thursday was awesome! We did Zoo service again and afterwards we went into the bird room and got to feed the birds! There were hundreds of birds and they were all brightly colored and flying all over the place! It was so much fun! Then we had a wonderful lesson with Leah! We taught the Word or Wisdom and the Law of Chastity! and she accepted both commandments! She is amazing! She is getting baptized on the 11th of November and we are super excited for her! She is just amazing! like for reals amazing!! That night we went to dinner with the Meads and they took us to Smash Burger and then to Panera for dessert! We are totally spoiled rotten by members! They were telling us all of these crazy stories about their careers! (She was a cop and he was a paramedic) and they also told us about a time when they got into a fight with some young guys at a movie theater who were totally drunk! They are seriously the coolest!!!  

Friday we helped out with the "Feed my starving children" foundation again and then went to Chick-fil-a with the district! I found out that Elder Yarmo is going to play for BYU's football team when he get's home and I asked him if he knows Jackson and Isaiah and he said that he met Jackson in the MTC! I think they left for their missions at the same time! Friday night we had the trunk-or-treat for the other ward and we got to be judges for the soup cook-off! Also, I made sure not to look like Dorothy this time... I wore a cheetah print sweater and cheetah shoes and no one said a word to me! They didn't even ask if I was supposed to be a cheetah!!!! Ah can you believe that?? We got to meet Kelsey and Seth at the trunk-or-treat! They are two people who are working with the Elders and they are the coolest people I have ever met! Kelsey has green hair!!! Need I say more!? They are the greatest! Kelsey is working towards baptism and Seth is actually a less-active member! They are getting married in a couple months and then Kelsey will be baptized afterwards! They are so amazing!!! We got to go on a church tour with them after the party and we took them to the chapel! I asked Kelsey how she was feeling and she started to cry! She said that the feeling was indescribable and that is was absolutely amazing! She was so sweet and sincere and I felt the Spirit like no other as we were there with her and Seth! 

Saturday!!! ISAAC WAS BAPTIZED!!!! YAYYYY! He was so cute! Hahah when he walked into the font he said softly, "Ohh man! This is so hot!" hahah the whole congregation giggled. (Bishop Crowther turned up the water to try to get the font to fill faster and it just made it wayyyy too hot! I am not kidding when I say the whole room was filling with steam!) After Isaac was baptized, he came up out of the water and said, "woah! that is hot!" hahaha again the room erupted in laughter! hahaha! I was dying! It was also such a special day because Eliana said a prayer at the baptism! She started to cry right before she prayed because the spirit was so strong! I went up with he and whispered in her ear as she prayed! I helped her know what to say and she was so sweet! She held my hand so tight and was sobbing as she prayed! It was the sweetest thing! That night, we went to the Wilhelm's for dinner and then we taught a lesson about missionary work to their kids! 

We all colored pictures of ourselves as missionaries and the Elders decided to go in a little bit of a different direction.... They colored pictures of us and we colored pictures of them.. when we finally say their pictures we saw that Elder Yarmo had drawn us as our spirit animals... I was a monkey and Sis. Allen was a goldfish! hahahah! So weird! 

On Sunday, Isaac was confirmed and when they asked him to stand afterward to welcome him to the ward, he was so little you could barely see him! He is just a cutie!!! At church we also met Alice! She is our other new investigator! She has been investigating the church for a while but this was her first time in our ward! She had been going to a different ward in the area. She seems so sweet and solid in her testimony thus far! I am super excited to work with her!!! We then went to the Johnson's for dinner, after our long 6 and a half hours of church.. and their home was literally my dream! It was to die for! I was in heaven the whole time and was trying not to stare too much at all of the architecture and decor! After that we went to Kelsey and Seth's for another dinner! and we basically just got to know them! They are the greatest people and so down to earth! I love Kelsey sooo much! And Seth is so cool! He is Hawaiian and straight up looks like the guy from Moana!

I am so overwhelmed with the number of miracles that we have been seeing! The Lord is so incredible!!!!!! I am so grateful that I am out here! I miss you all like crazy but I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be! The gospel is 110% true! I promise! There is no way that it couldn't be true!!! I love you all! Have an amazing week! 



Hello Family! 

This week was transfer week and Sister Allen and I are pretty much the only two staying put in our zone. So we weren't transferred, but it seems like almost everyone else was! We got two new Elders in both of our wards! They put Zone Leaders into Broadmoor so that will be fun and then they put two new Elders into Cheyenne Meadows with Elder McCombs! 

This week was full of lots of goodbyes but it was also am incredible week! We had two baptisms! Steven was baptized on Tuesday the 17th and Chance was baptized on Saturday the 21st! 

The week began with Steven's baptism! It was such a special day! We had a really good turn out and after Steven was baptized he said, "I feel like a new man!" This baptism was so special to me because I met Steven my first week in the mission. Sister Anderson made me go tracting for the first time and I was totally terrified! We went to Steven's apartment complex and we both felt very prompted to knock doors in a specific area of the building. Steven's door was the third door that we knocked on and right away I could see the vision of what Steven could potentially achieve. I pictured him, dressed in white, entering the waters of baptism, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and one day entering the temple. But above all of that, I pictured him being embraced by his Savior. I could feel the love that the Savior has for Steven in that moment! It was so amazing! We taught him for about 4-5 months and Tuesday he was baptized! I was so happy! And he asked us about the priesthood afterwards, he said that he is so excited to receive the priesthood! 

After the Baptism, we all went out to dinner with Steven at this place called Lark Burger! It was soo yummy! We all need to go there when we go back to visit Colorado Springs! And there is also this place called Duca's pizza that we love! We will have to go there too! 

Wednesday was really great! I wasn't too thrilled about going to the soup kitchen again just cause I am getting kind of tired of it.. but we went anyways and they gave us a new assignment! We are now working in the clothing area and basically what happens is.. the people fill out a sheet of what they need and then they bring us the sheet and we get to "shop" through this little room full of donated clothes and then we give them the clothing that they need! So we are now "volunteer shoppers" haha it is so much fun! TENDER MERCY! After that, we went to visit a less-active lady named Aubrei! She is so darling and is about to have a baby. Then we went to Sister Wickel's and taught another lesson to the whole clan over there! Leah's baptism date is now the 11th of November, so that will be excited! We can't wait! And Isaac is being baptized on the 28th of October so that day is coming up quick! 

Thursday we went to the zoo and we did seed sticks again and I won another bet with Elder McCombs! So, he said, "Sister Morgan, if you eat 4 seed sticks, I will buy you a brand new hydro flask!" OF COURSE I DID IT!!!! hahahah! but I have literally been wrecked for the whole week.. so I wouldn't recommend it.. but I am getting a new hydro flask so YAY! 

Friday was great! We taught lesson after lesson after lesson and were running from place to place! We met with Norma and Stephanie, and Quanda, and Steven!! Then we got to go to Texas Roadhouse with members and it was literally the best! I only ate one roll this time people! After that, we went and met with Sister Kahuhu and asked her if she would like to work towards going to the temple! She began to cry and told us that she had been feeling prompted to go and that having us invite her is exactly what she needed! We are so happy for her! She is the most darling, most loving, and most spiritual human! I am so happy for her! 

Saturday was good! We had district meeting with our new district and Elder Yarmo gave me his polariod camera!!! He said that he would give it to me if I would make breakfast for the district! So I made the whole district omelets and he gave me the camera! It is honestly so cool! I am obsessed with it! It is one of those really old ones that is all vintage and cool! Now I just need to get some film!  The rest of Saturday was amazing as well! We went to a baptism in Palmer Park with our investigator Leah and Powell and Guzzo came into town for it! It was so awesome to see them both again! We then rushed back to the Broadmoor building for Chance's baptism! It was sooo amazing! Lynn surprised Chance and spoke and he was all emotional and it was so sweet! She said, "I can't wait to begin eternity with Chance!" awww my heart! Then, Chance was baptized by Bishop Hawker and afterward he was completely glowing! He bore his testimony afterwards and thanked us for all that we have done to help him! It was so sweet but honestly, it wasn't us, it was the Lord 100%. We were just the instruments in His hands! That night, we went to dinner with the Elders at the WIlkinson's home. And one of the Elders... who shall remain nameless.. would NOT stop talking! We were there for 2 whole hours and I kept trying to teach the lesson but he kept interrupting me! hahah So finally.. I kicked him from under the table when he tried to talk again! hahah! Don't worry, it was like a nice kick. But the made him shut up and we finally got a short lesson in! hahahah 

Sunday was amazing! We got to see Chance and Steven be confirmed and receive the Holy Ghost and then we all got to speak in Sacrament meeting! Everything was just so wonderful! 

I am so grateful to be part of this amazing work!!! I love the Lord! I am so grateful for the sacrifice that he has made for me and I am forever grateful for this Gospel! I love it with all my heart! It is 100% TRUE and it changes lives! I know that the Book of Mormon is the most correct and true book of all and that through its words, we may receive Eternal Life with our Father in Heaven! This is his great and perfect plan! I am so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who knows each of us perfectly and loves each of us so much! His hand is in each moment of our lives, guiding us and helping us through thick and thin! I love Him with all my heart! 

Have an amazing week! I love you all so much! I hope that you all know that! 



This week FLEW! It was super fun and busy which I really appreciated!

Monday we went mini golfing with the 5 Elders in our district and honestly it wasn't fun... I need a break from Elders...... *eye roll* 

Tuesday was Halloween which means no cold contacting, stop bys, or tracting at all... so yeah.. We pretty much just tried to plan as much as we could but lots of stuff fell through due to the holiday. We had interviews with President Stevenson which took up a good chunk of the day and then I took Sister Allen to Amy's donuts! It was so yummy and was pretty much our way of celebrating the holiday! It was super weird not being at home and going to Nanny and Poppy's for donuts and chili.. I missed it lots.. That night was really fun though because the Wilhelm's invited us over along with the Elders to play games! We played a game called "impromtu" I think that is how you say it.. anyways, it is where you are given one minute to speak on a topic that is chosen for you and you are given an accent that you have to speak in. hahahah! Sister Allen spoke about why you shouldn't have a goldfish as a pet and she did the whole thing in an Indian accent! I seriously died laughing! It was sooo funny! 

Wednesday was good! We stayed busy.. lots of people cancelled on us but we kept going and it actually made the day really fun! We just had to keep re-planning and re-routing our day! It was super great though. We got to see Rehema and we made dinner with her! This time it was chicken! It is so much fun to teach Rehema because she gets so excited about learning and she is always so grateful! 

Thursday, everyone cancelled again.. but like Tuesday, we stayed busy! We got to go to the Zoo for service and we went up the the Shrine afterwards to see the view! Colorado Springs is BEAUTIFUL! We then went to a few more lessons and then to the Christensen's home for dinner. Somehow, the topic of singing came up and they found out that I sing... So I was asked to sing with Sister Allen for Brother Christensen's lesson on Sunday.. I was kinda nervous but we got the Elders to join in too and it turned out to be really beautiful! That night after dinner, we headed to a coordination meeting with our Ward Mission Leader and he invited us to his home! The Elders were there too and we got to meet his non-member wife! And get this, his dog is exactly like Indy except he is more black than white! I was in total heaven! I held him and petted him and played with him the whole time and seriously had to hold back tears.. he even smelled like Indiana!

Friday we had district meeting and Elder Scott made our district breakfast! It was super yummy! We then had a lesson with the Sisneros family and Sarah and Jesus (the older son of Donovan and Sarah) were both there!!! First time ever! We taught them a lesson along with Donovan and Eliana and Issac and they seemed to really like it! It made me so happy to see them so interested! I want to see them be sealed in the temple so badly! We also met with Sister Kahuhu that night (a ward member who is working towards the temple!) It was so wonderful to discuss ways that she can start preparing! I am so excited for her! And then we started our exchange with the STLs that night! I went with Sister Carlson!!!!!

Saturday was exchanges! I went to her area and she had literally nothing planned! So we went tracting and did stop bys all day long! It flew by though and we laughed a lot and had a great time together! We then had the most awkward dinner of my life! Soooo bad.. hahahah but hey, memories! 

Sunday was the best day ever! We had so many people at church and Lynn was kind enough to bring Leah with her! She is fellowshipping her so well and we are so grateful! Stephanie and Quanda were there and Stephanie was feeling the Spirit so strong she had tears coming to her eyes! We also had Norma, Steven, the Sisneros, Kelsey and her friend Maddi, and the other Madi too! Oh, and Rehema was there with Nice! It was the greatest day! Kelsey loved the testimony meeting and so did her friend Maddi! And Eliana and Isaac got up to bear their testimonies! Eliana bawled through her entire testimony and I was too! hahah. She is the most tender, most kind, and most spiritual 10 year old I have ever met! I adore her! Sunday night was amazing as well! We went to the Work of Salvation fireside!!! And we sang the song that we sang at my farewell! I planned it with 5 other sisters and we put two on each part! It was so beautiful and made me think back on my farewell. (almost 6 months ago!) Lynn spoke at the fireside and did so good! She is solid! I love her!

I am just so incredibly grateful for the opportunity that I have at this time to share the gospel with others! It is one of the greatest joys that I have ever experienced! I know that the gospel is true and that Christ is my Savior! I know that the Book or Mormon is the word of God and the most correct and true book on Earth. I know that it was translated by Joseph Smith and that he was a good a true prophet of God. I know that we have a prophet on the Earth today and that he receives modern day revelation. And I know more than anything that I am the daughter of a King. My Heavenly Father. I know that I have infinite worth in his eyes and infinite potential. I know that we all do! I am so grateful for this wonderful plan of happiness that we are a part of! 

I love you all so much! Have an incredible week! 



Hey my fam! 

So last p-day we went bowling which was so much fun! I kinda thought I would be better than I actually am since grandma would take us bowling with her almost every week when we were little... but nope. I am terrible! I almost beat all the Elders though.. so that was exciting! After that, Sister Hepworth, Sister Long, and Sister Allen and I went to the mall and I bought a Beret! (like a french hat ya know?) it is actually so cute! But this whole week Sister Allen keeps accidentally calling it a Bidet..... hahahahhaha! I die laughing every time she does! She kills me! That night we had dinner with a member who shall remain nameless.. she's kinda an interesting lady.. anyways, she randomly started singing "Under Pressure" by Queen at the dinner table and all of the Elders and Sister Allen and I were trying not to laugh. It was the most random thing EVER! 

Tuesday was pretty much a planning day with a couple of appointments mixed in! It was actually a really refreshing day and we got to set a bunch of new goals! That night we had a coordination meeting at our Ward Mission leader's house and when we finished we walked outside into a winter wonderland! There was snow falling and dusting everything in what looked like powdered sugar! It was beautiful! The Elders that were with us of course started a snow ball fight! It was so crazy and fun! I love snow and it honestly felt so much like home! That night we watched the snow from our balcony and made some hot chocolate! Bring on the holidays! I am so ready!!! 

Wednesday, we had apartment inspections. Whenever we have inspections in the mission, they grade us.. so the three levels are "Celestial", "Terrestrial", and "Telestial". hahaha We always get Celestial btw. We then got to see Norma later on which made my day! I never want to leave her home. The spirit there is so pure and warm! It is like nothing I have ever felt! We have been reading the Book of Mormon with her in preparation for her going to the temple and my testimony of the Book of Mormon has been growing more and more each time! I swear that I learn more from the people I have the privilege of working with than they do from me!

Thursday, we spent the ENTIRE DAY at a winter driving course so that Sister Allen could learn how to drive in the snow and ice, (she is from Nevada!) and it was hilarious! hahah! All of the drivers kept hitting cones left and right! Sister Allen was screaming in the car and I was just laughing! It was actually a really fun way to spend the day! That night we met with Kelsey and then went and played with the refugees again! They are so darling! I love them to death! 

Friday we had district meeting and then went to Keva Juice (which is like Jamba Juice) and that was fun! After that, we had a great lesson with Steven and set a day for him to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead! We also got a random call from Norma and she asked if we could come right over... we did and we found her in her apartment packing boxes. Apparently the owners of her building sold it and the new owners are kicking everyone out in 30 days, so Norma is moving all the way to Cortez Colorado to be with family... she was crying and kept hugging us which of course made me cry... She may not be able to go to the temple with us in this short of notice so we are super sad. We are hoping that we can get it all worked out so that she can go with us before she leaves! I am heart broken about this honestly.. Later on that night, we went to visit the Sisneros family! Brother Sisneros' wife was there with us again and all of his children were there as well! We decided to read 3 Nephi 11 with them and the Spirit filled the room! I was so happy to see them all growing closer as a family! We are trying to help the mom be baptized and so we were so grateful that she was there and that she participated! I love the Sisneros!!!!! Oh man! I wish you could all meet them!!!! 

Saturday was supposed to be Leah's baptism but we had to cancel because she moved out of the ward boundaries.. we want to help her get baptized but there is not much we can do now, so we are just praying for her lots! We were asked this week to put together a music number for our mission tour next week (we have Elder Sitati from the seventy coming to our mission) so we spent a lot of the day Saturday preparing for that and we also got our weekly planning done! It was a really long day full of a lot of things to do, but I was grateful for it! President Stevenson also called us on Saturday and asked us if we would be willing to take Elder and Sister Sitati out proselyting with us for a few hours next week! We happily accepted the invitation, so we are looking forward to that as well! It will be a great week! I am very excited for it! 

Some other funny moments this week:

All the Elders keep calling me Tupac cause I wear bows on my head sometimes....

And Sister Allen almost put Diesel in our car... I yelled at her right before she did and told he that she was putting in the wrong stuff! hahah it took her a full 20 seconds to figure out what I was saying! hahahah 

Overall, this week had many challenges and seemed kinda crazy.. but the good outweighs the bad! Always! I am so happy to be out here in the mission field! I am changing, I am becoming a different person because of the experiences that I am having. I am truly grateful for the gospel and for my Savior who knows me and understands me. I am grateful for the Atonement that he performed and for the opportunity that I have to change and become better each and every week! 

There is a video that I would like you all to watch! It is called "Your Potential, Your Privileges" by President Uchtdorf. There are two people in this video who are not living up to their full potential.. I want you all to picture yourself as the room steward and relate the mormon message to missionary work! It will change your view of sharing the gospel with others! 

I love you all so much! have a wonderful week! 

-sis Morgan