One Year Down!

hello fam! 

We had MLC this week and it was an amazing experience full of revelation for the CCSM! We were able to receive guidance from the Lord about how we need to direct the work in this area of the vineyard! So exciting! 

We had an awesome experience with Sister Howells this week!!! We shredded her Pagan spells!!! YES!! So fun! Then to end the night, we sang to her! "A Child's Prayer!" So awesome! She began to cry! then, she came to church on Sunday and brought her husband! The lesson was on Adam and Eve! They loved it and her husband told us that he had never heard the story told in that way! It was so cool! They then asked us to come back over after church to teach them more about Adam and Eve! We did!! They both said that they want to progress to the temple! THIS IS HUGE PEOPLE!!! HUGE! 

The other major awesome thing that happened this week was that John got baptized!!! He is 8 years old but his family is all not active. They are now coming back though which is awesome!!! I love them! But anyways, the baptism was amazing! So fun and little Johnny was so excited and looked all pure and bright! It was such a pleasure to teach him and help to prepare him for this sacred day! 

This week we also had exchanges with the Raton Sisters!!! They both came up to our area for the day! We had a wonderful exchange!!! But the worst part was the toothbrush incident... I will just have to add a video of it so you can see.. lets just say that I dropped my toothbrush in the toilet and sis Price was pretty rude and made me fish it out!!! lol!!! I was laughing sooo hard! 

Well, So sorry for the short email.. but I don't have a ton of time.. I love you all! I can't wait to talk to you more on Mother's Day this next Sunday! Have an amazing week!!!! 



Hi guys! 

I loved talking to you all yesterday! It was the highlight of my month! I am so grateful for all of you and felt like I was given so much strength from our last conversation! You mean the world to me! 

Since y'all got an earful about the mission and my life here in CO, I will keep this brief.. 

This week was awesome! We had exchanges, a blitz day where we tracted all day long, and we went to Jesus' baptism in the Springs! Jesus (said with a Spanish accent) is Eliana and Isaac's older Brother! So now, the whole family is baptized except for the Mom and she is planning on being baptized right after the baby is born! I was overwhelmed with emotion on this day as I watched their little family! They were the first family that I ever taught a lesson to, EVER! When I first met them they were shy and unsure and now they are confident in their religion and on their way to becoming an eternal family! I couldn't be happier for them! 

The gospel truly does bless families!!! 

There have been countless miracles again this week! Lots of people to teach and so much joy all around! This time in my mission has been my most favorite I think! I am just learning so much about myself and how I can improve myself each day! I am so happy!!! 

I shared this with Michael... but I want to share it with all of you as well.. sorry mike.. haha

This week I have really been trying to be teachable and I think this will be a goal that I will have for my entire life. I want to be humble enough to seek correction! There is a talk I love by Elder Christofferson.  In the talk he tells the story of the "currant bush" You should go on YouTube and look us "Currant Bush Talk" and then click on the one that was by Elder Christofferson! It is all about seeking for corrections and being humble enough to allow God to guide our lives. I have not always been very good at being humble and I really want to change that! I have been asking Sister Price what I can do to improve and then I have been trying to apply what she tells me! It has changed me! Not completely, but I can see that this is the start of something great! I would love for each of you to try this with me!! So here's what you do, just make a list of ways that you want to improve and ask God how he wants you to improve, then write them all down and make goals of how you can accomplish these things. Then, ask people who you trust to give you some ideas of ways that you can improve. This part was the hardest part for me... it is not always easy to take correction and remain humble and not lash out.. but I did it and it felt so good! I don't really know why I am telling you all of this, but it is just something that is helping me a lot on my mission and I really just want to share it with you!

well there you have it! the lesson that I learned in these past couple of weeks!!! BE TEACHABLE!!! 

That is seriously going to be my goal for life!!!! 

I love you all and am so grateful for you! Have an amazing week!!!! 



Hey! So we found out that Sister Price and I are both staying!! No transfers! Which means 6 more weeks here in beautiful Pueblo West, CO! We love it here so much!!! 

We have officially begun teaching a woman named Julia! She is from Ukraine and is so amazing! She is the one that came to church once with her Mother-in-law and then kept coming on her own.. remember her? well, she read the entire Book of Mormon in 2 weeks and then the next week she read the entire Doctrine & Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. She has also read the entire Gospel Principles Book somewhere in there! Well, this Saturday, we invited her to be baptized and she accepted!!! She will be getting baptized on June 16th! We are so excited for her! So many miracles are happening here! It is so exciting! 

A lot happened this week! It was nothing super significant but it was just a solid, happy, hardworking week! I am so happy here! 

I heard an analogy this week that I wanted to share with you all! 

The world is like a garden.. it can be really beautiful but it can also be thorny and rough. and no matter where we go in the garden.. our feet will get muddy. It is inevitable! But when we add in the gospel to our life, things change. The small and simple things in the gospel, such as daily prayers, diligent scripture study, selfless service, and weekly church attendance become stepping stones through the garden. They elevate us just enough to keep our feet clean and to help us through the garden day by day! 

Isn't that an amazing analogy! The small and simple things are important people!!! How is your scripture study and prayers?? I pray that we always strive to make those things a priority in our lives! 

I declare as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, that He lives! He is aware of us. He loves us! He walks with us! He understands us! And through His great Atoning sacrifice, He saves us!

Have a wonderful week! I love you all so much! 



Hey Fam! 

What a great week! Here are some highlights! 

Well first, I hit my year mark on the 31st! SO YAY! It has flown by!! I am so excited for these next 6 months! Bring it on! 

So last Monday, we went to a place called Bishop's Castle! Look it up, it was build by one man! We went all the way to the top, not on purpose.. haha but it was sooo cool! I don't remember if I sent pictures.. but I will send more! 

Tuesday was transfer day and Sister Price and I both stayed put:) I am so happy cause I absolutely love her! I don't know what I would do without her! 

On Tuesday we also had a lesson with David, our investigator and he said a prayer for the first time! It was so amazing!! It totally surprised us! I love it when that happens! 

SO we saw a really cool miracle this week! We had some past referrals just pop up on our phone and so we stopped by one of them. It was strange though because there were two addresses listed. We tried the first one and it was all gated and locked so then we went to just give up and go home and something just told us that we needed to go to the other address.. so we did! We went and knocked and a woman named Jo answered the door! She invited us in and we talked with her for 2 hours! She loved the story of Joseph Smith and she accepted to take the lessons! She said it was probably her daughter in law and son that referred them back in January. She told us that Missionaries came earlier in the year but that they weren't ready for it. She also said that recently her son has been sending her talks from Conference and that her soul is hungry for the truth! Then her husband walked in and he listened to the end of our lesson!! They said that they wanted to learn more and that they were interested in coming to church! AMAZING! GOD IS SO GOOD!! Such a miracle! We then texted the lady who referred us, (it was the daughter in law) and she was so grateful! She told us thank you and has remained in touch with us! She said that she would love to Skype into a lesson sometime!! YAY! I love technology! 

On Friday night, I was up until 2:30.. I didn't want to be but my mind kept racing. I started to have a ton of revelation about my future and my goals and such and I started to write it all down! It was insane!! Then , the next day, I was completely alert and awake! Isn't the bizarre?? I think that God was trying to put my mind at ease by giving me answers and solutions to all of my questions.. I had been a little worried about my future but I felt so at peace after all of that!!! I was so shocked to see that I was able to make it through the next day with such little sleep but God is so good! 

On Sunday, we had another lesson with Julia (said Yulia I think) and she is still so ready for baptism! the 16th of June can't come fast enough! She is so ready and we are so excited! 

You guys! There are so many miracles here! i am just soooo happy! This is the happiest that I have ever been on my entire mission! I am serious! I love it here sooo much! 

I am going to send pics of the letter that I finally got from the guy in Canon CIty! It is sooo good! I hope you all like it and cam learn from it! 

I love you all! 



Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for the sweet package that you sent! I honestly cannot believe that a year ago I entered the MTC! That feels like yesterday. I am amazed at how much I have grown since then and all of the memories I've made and the people I have met! I wouldn't change anything about my mission! It has been perfect! I am so excited to watch these next six months unfold! 


Now let me tell you somethin.. you give up a lot to go on a mission and one of the things that you sacrifice the most is your body... All tone and muscle just goes down the drain.. So I am officially... 6 MONTHS TO SEXY! which means that I am going to try to not eat candy and sweets but instead focus on good healthy foods and I have been running almost 2 miles every day for the past two weeks! YAY! 

It has been so hot here in Pueblo West! 100 degrees this week and then we dropped to the 60s later in the week! So that was nice! 

Okay so a highlight from this week that stood out from all others was when Sis Price and I watched the "Be One" devotional thing on It was AMAZING! It was a celebration of 40 years of Blacks and the Priesthood! If you haven't watched it.. WATCH IT! I especially loved the Bonner family! Sis P and I were both bawling!!! I am so grateful for diversity and beauty in this world! Can you imagine if we were all the same! That would just be NO fun!

We also had the opportunity on Sunday night to watch the Devotional for the Youth given by President Nelson and Sister Nelson! It was inspiring! I hope that you all watched because it really ws incredible! PLEASE PLEASE GO WATCH IT IF YOU DIDN'T! I mean it! I feel like this is a sign on the last days! He basically just invited all of the Youth to enlist in the Youth Battalion and help to gather Israel! AMAZING! At the end we all sang, "Hope of Israel" and stood and it was incredible! The Spirit was spine tingling! 

Those were the highlights of my week! I love this gospel so much and I love sharing it with others!!!!! 

It is so true and wonderful!!!! I love you all! 

xoxox have a great week! 




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